Mobile wallet from MCX sits idle as market grows increasingly crowded

Mobile payments trends wallet

Smartphone payments are being used on an increasing basis, but the Merchant Customer Exchange is standing still. At a time in which many of the biggest players in tech and the financial industries have been putting out their own mobile wallet apps, one of the most highly anticipated additions to the market has remained notably absent from this market. The Merchant Consumer Exchange (MCX) has been talking about its mobile payments, but still has no offerings. The MCX has been discussing the development of its mobile wallet for quite a…

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Softcard packs in its mobile wallet

softcard mobile wallet

The struggling payments app announced its shutdown only days after selling its tech and intellectual property to Google. Only a few days after having announced that it would be selling all of its technology and intellectual property to Google, Softcard has now revealed that it will be shutting down, completely. This joint venture among Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, and T-Mobile USA faced too many obstacles. The team at Softcard is now recommending that Android users who had enjoyed their mobile payments application should now make the move to the Google…

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Mobile wallet once called Isis to become Softcard

isis mobile wallet softcard website

The joint venture smartphone payments service is working to distance itself from violent military group of the same name. The Isis mobile wallet application that is the result of a joint venture effort among three of the biggest wireless carrier companies in the United States has now announced that it is changing the name of the brand and the app to Softcard. This change is being made after a terrorist group – completely unrelated to the service – was nicknamed ISIS. The Isis mobile wallet is a brand that was…

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Mobile wallet app, SmartWallet, may revolutionize loyalty programs

SmartWallet mobile wallet

With a growing database of about 100 loyalty cards, this application could turn current systems on their heads. There is no doubt that loyalty cards and their associated programs are a key marketing tool used by merchants in order to ensure repeat business and obtain vital analytics data, but their plastic cards produce a disadvantage within the customer experience; one that may now be overcome through a mobile wallet app called SmartWallet. While loyalty programs mean to benefit both consumers and merchants, their popularity comes with a drawback. In a…

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Mobile payments solution is getting ready for takeoff

Isis Mobile Payment Platform

This program, like all of the rest of the NFC technology based systems, have been slow to be adopted. Mobile payments providers are clearly becoming frustrated with the slow uptake among consumers and many – including Isis – are coming up with new solutions to help to boost their appeal even when it involves adopting new technologies. Isis is now getting ready to roll out the latest version of its own solution, by the end of the year. As we reported from Money 2020, there are a number of new…

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Mobile payments may breach the $1 billion mark in 2013

mobile payments - QR codes

eMarketer has released its predictions for the United States and they are slower than previously expected. Even though the growth of mobile payments that was expected earlier this year is not panning out to be true, the slow increases that are still being made still might allow transactions to top $1 billion in the United States this year if the latest eMarketer data is correct. Though this may seem as though it is an important milestone this year, it is expected to be far greater in 2017. The eMarketer predictions…

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Mobile payments could grow tremendously among underbanked Americans

Mobile Payments

This demographic in the United States is now seen to be a key player in the growth and success of the transactions. Current estimates show that in the United States, there are 68 million people who are considered to be underbanked, and the majority of them are highly familiar with cell phones, which makes them ideal candidates for benefiting from what mobile payments have to offer. This can mean that if the market is able to crack this demographic, it could have the potential for tremendous growth. The primary hurdle…

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Mobile payments through Passbook popular at Sephora

Sephora augmented reality

iPhone users are proving to be among the best customers at the beauty product company. Sephora USA Inc. has just revealed that Apple Passbook users are among its bets customers, as these mobile payments users will typically spend twice as much and as often as other shoppers. The retailer has used its Passbook pass to provide loyal customers with rewards and other benefits. According to Sephora, there have been more than 600,000 Beauty Insider loyalty cards that have already been registered by customers into their Passbook mobile payments wallets through…

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Mobile payments deal between Visa and Monitise is formed

blackberry mobile payments visa

The new agreement for more than $59 million is meant to help extend smartphone money in Europe. Visa is now predicting that by the year 2020, over half of the transactions that are made by consumers in Europe will be done through mobile payments, so it is continuing to invest in this channel so that it will remain at the heart of this type of transaction. This is only one of several deals that Visa is currently making to stay central to this industry. The mobile payments partnership between Visa…

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Mobile wallet demoed to allow restaurant patrons to pay at the table

Mobile Wallets

A new integrated payments system demonstration at an Innovation event to set the bar for 2013. Cloud based mobile wallet provider, Padiant, has announced its latest solution which includes a pay at the table service for restaurants. The first demonstration of this product will occur at an event that will be held at Harvard. Later this month, the first view of the mobile wallet service will help companies, restaurants, and smartphone users to see a glimpse of the type of service that they should expect to become much more mainstream…

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Mobile wallet trial in Salt Lake City shows increasing activity

isis mobile wallet

The latest statistics have shown that the NFC technology based payments average 5 transactions per user per week. While mobile wallet projects may have had a slow start, causing some to doubt whether or not they’d ever take off, the Isis trial in Salt Lake City is starting to show that once people adopt the service, they become active users. Isis remains in its very earliest phase, existing only in official trials within two cities at the moment. According to Jim Stapleton, the chief sales officer for the mobile wallet…

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