Mobile commerce apps from iPhone are excelling over Android

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

This, according to the results of a panel that examined the usage of the applications on the devices. The outcome of a recent panel report on the use of mobile commerce apps has suggested that the experience provided by iPhone applications of this nature is far superior to that available to their Android device using counterparts. The report indicated that m-retailers generate far more income from Apple device users than from Android. iPhone currently leads the way, with quite a distance over Android smartphones, when it comes to both the…

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Mobile commerce apps used by 56 percent of American smartphone owners

mobile commerce

Newly released data has shown that these applications are very popular and some stand out as leaders. According to a study conducted by Arbitron Mobile, an Arbitron Inc. subsidiary, well over half of all American smartphone owners have mobile commerce apps on their devices, and they spend a good amount of time using those applications every month. The researchers used on-device software meters in conjunction with their panel of smartphone owners. What they determined, based on the behaviors of the participants, is that among smartphone owners in the United States,…

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M-commerce trend for in-store apps is rapidly growing

m-commerce mobile apps

Mobile is playing an increasingly important role in shopping within brick and mortar locations. Though it has become very clear that m-commerce is growing in its importance among retail businesses, as many of the large players scramble to optimize their websites and provide apps that simplify the shopping experience, it is only now that trends are beginning to truly emerge. This is providing the type of guidance that businesses need to cater to what consumers expect of them. A mobile analytics company called Flurry has just released a report that…

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