QR codes are the heart of a new partnership with Wendy’s

wendy's QR codes mobile ads

The fast food restaurant chain is now working with NeoMedia Technologies Inc. for its mobile marketing. It has recently been revealed that the fast food giant, Wendy’s, is now partnering with NeoMedia Technologies Inc. – a mobile barcode management solutions provider – in order to make the firm the exclusive service provider for QR codes for the restaurant chain’s branded promotional activities. This was revealed within a news release that said that NeoMedia’s Neosphere product will be central to campaigns. NeoSphere is the firm’s engine for enterprise grade generation and…

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QR codes appearing mysteriously in Montgomery

Smartphone scanning QR codes

An oversized barcode has made its way into the downtown area and nobody knows who is behind it. Montgomery, Alabama has had a unique mobile marketing experience pop up in its downtown area, where QR codes have appeared out of nowhere and nobody seems to know their source. One of these quick response codes, for instance, was found on a power box located outside of Arts Gone Wild. That one was located on the corner of Tallapoosa and Commerce Streets. These oversized QR codes just seem to have come out…

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QR codes launched for Mack maintenance program

mack truck qr codes

These barcodes will be printed onto the vehicles and linked to the vehicle’s unique VIV. Mack Trucks has announced that it will now be printing QR codes onto their vehicles which are uniquely tied to the VIV of the specific truck, through the use of the MVASIST platform. The barcodes will be used to help to provide a faster response time and to improve the customer uptime. The QR codes will be installed onto the vehicle doorframes as of April. This will occur during the truck’s actual manufacturing process at…

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QR codes used for Iloilo tourism mobile marketing

tourism qr codes

The barcodes can be scanned by smartphones and are a central part of the city’s promotions. Iloilo City has just announced that it will be QR codes implemented as a part of a considerable tourism campaign in order to make the city more appealing to visitors who carry smartphones. The city will also be releasing an app that can be used by tourists to scan the codes. The City Tourism Officer, Benito Jimena, explained that the QR codes will become active for Iloilo’s campaign with the launch of the Neo…

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QR codes become permanent in Turkish tattoos

QR codes tattoo

An ink parlor in Turkey uses the barcodes as tests for accuracy when hiring new candidate artists. Anyone who has said that QR codes aren’t permanent was proven wrong by a tattoo parlor in Turkey that is using the barcodes not only to advertise for new artists, but also to test their abilities and accuracy. The Turkish small business used this technology as an ingenious strategy to identify the most skilled candidates. The ad agency called BÜRO was hired by Berrge Tattoo, an upmarket tattoo shop located in Istanbul. The…

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QR codes make e-ticketing easier on Ukrainian Intercity+ trains

London mobile commerce train

Ukrzaliznytsia has announced the introduction of new mobile friendly electronic ticketing. As of February 5, 2013, passengers on the Ukrzaliznytsia Intercity+ trains can now use QR codes on e-tickets to help to make their traveling experience much more convenient through the use of their smartphones. This mobile barcode news was first reported to the media by the Donetsk railways press service. According to this media release, passengers can now book their tickets online using their bank cards, and then print the digital copy of the ticket out on a piece…

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QR codes see considerable progress in China

qr codes scanning

The smartphone friendly barcodes are being noticed by Chinese device users and scans are rising. Though there has been some doubt as to whether or not QR codes would ever fully catch on, 2013 seems to be presenting some very promising trends worldwide, with the latest coming from China. The National Art Museum of China, for example, provides information about its pieces through barcodes. For this, and hundreds of other reasons, smartphone users in China are scanning QR codes as never before. This is the result of a company called…

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QR codes sewn directly into clothing by Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese QR code fashion clothing

The clothing designer has added smartphone friendly barcodes to her latest line. There is nothing rare about QR codes, these days, as they appear on a growing number of print ads, flyers, product packaging, posters, and storefront displays, but they are also starting to pop up in clever and unique places, such as was the case with the latest clothing line by Dita Von Teese. The clothing designer’s latest vintage inspired line now features these smartphone friendly barcodes. Dita Von Teese has just included herself among an important handful who…

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QR codes help to drive charitable donations through Paystik

QR codes charity nonprofit donation

Tiny startup from Stanford is powering thousands of mobile charity campaigns this month. A small startup called Paystick that is operated by only three people has skyrocketed the use of QR codes for charitable donations as it is currently powering approximately 6,000 barcode based campaigns this month. The company provides services that make it easier for charities and small businesses to use smartphone barcodes. The services it provides allow mobile payments to be accepted by the businesses and nonprofits through the scanning of QR codes. Though it doesn’t represent a…

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QR codes are often scanned by car owners

QR Codes Used For Car

A new study has shown that 18 percent of people who own vehicles have scanned a 2d barcode. The results of an American survey that included the participation of more than two thousand vehicle owners has shown that nearly one in every five had scanned QR codes at least once in their lifetimes. The research showed that a large number of drivers have interacted with the barcodes. The study was conducted by DMEautomotive and indicated that 18 percent had scanned QR codes at some point. The participants had also been…

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QR codes used by Google Now for airport check ins

Google mobile ads

The service has taken on Passbook with additional features such as camera search. Google has announced that it will be moving ahead to develop its Google Now predictive search assistant service by adding additional useful tools which will include the use of QR codes. The previous development of the service looks as though it could have been loosely based on Apple. However, the most recent Google Search app update, which has just recently been issued, allows the application to monitor the inbox of the mobile device user’s email in order…

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