QR codes and their best use is catching on

QR Code mobile marketing

Though mistakes are still being made, many mobile marketers are learning from the errors of others. If there’s one thing that can be said about QR codes, it is that they have generated a great deal of controversy over whether or not they should be considered to be a successful mobile marketing technique. Though some of these barcodes have seen thousands of scans, others have remained virtually unnoticed. The main problem with the QR codes that have been unsuccessful is that not all marketers are completely familiar with how they…

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QR codes are becoming increasingly common tools to assist in learning

qr code learning trainee

Hosts of seminars and other learning events are taking advantage of these smartphone barcodes. When it comes to running an event, many groups can’t get enough of using fun and available technology to help to share the message that must be learned and to boost interactivity, and QR codes are playing an increasingly important role in this process. These barcodes are being applied more frequently to events of all sizes to encourage guests to take part. By adding QR codes to the environment, those holding the events have discovered that…

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