BlackBerry announces willingness to stop making smartphones

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CEO John Chen stated that if turnaround efforts aren’t successful, they may stop releasing the handsets. John Chen has now released a warning that has said that if the turnaround efforts being made by BlackBerry don’t manage to gain traction, the company may find that it will have to stop producing smartphones, at least at the rate at which they have been releasing them. That said, before that time, there are still some strategies that the Canadian smartphone maker may try. For instance, the company could still decrease the number…

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Technology news will soon be bringing “cheap” smartphones and computers

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As flexible plastic is soon to become a replacement for silicon chips, inexpensive devices are ever closer. Now that flexible plastic alternatives to silicon chips are coming ever closer to being a reality, so is the technology news that very inexpensive smartphones, computers, and other devices and systems will become available. A new University of Iowa research proposal has shown that it could be possible to overcome this barrier. A research team at the University of Iowa have put together a proposal that describes a method that would allow them…

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Technology news at Amazon includes talks of a smartphone

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The company has revealed that it is on the edge of a release of a new mobile device in the second half of 2014. According to the participants in a briefing regarding Amazon’s plans, that company intends to make massive technology news in the second half of this year by taking its first steps into the smartphone market. This has the potential to shake up the industry a little bit and knock Samsung and Apple down a peg. This latest technology news is just the most recent in a wider…

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Technology news shows 34 percent of Americans have tablets

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It also revealed that 56 percent of people in the United States are owners of smartphone devices. According to the latest study from Pew Research Center, which used data from the U.S. Census Bureau, a growing number of Americans are increasingly buying mobile devices and both smartphones and tablets are gaining in penetration. In fact, the growth has been very rapid among these devices over the last few years. According to the technology news from the Internet & American Life Project at the Pew Research Center, tablet ownership had achieved…

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Technology news from India shows growth in smartphone penetration

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A recent report has shown that this massive population is becoming increasingly important to mobile commerce. According to a technology news report released by the Economic Times of India, smartphone ownership in that country is maintaining one of the most rapidly increasing growth rates in the world. There are a number of reasons that this has suddenly started occurring in this highly populated country. According to Credit Suisse technology news data analyses, the creation of a number of installment payment plans in India, as well as major discounts that have…

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Technology news announce the launch of a new “youthful” BlackBerry

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The latest smartphone has now been released by the manufacturer in selected markets but not the U.S. BlackBerry has just announced its latest technology news, which includes the release of a new “youthful” smartphone within selected markets in order to test it. However, this device will not be available to consumers in the United States, at least not right away. Not long after the latest massive smartphone releases that made technology news headlines from BlackBerry, it has just announced that it is now releasing the BlackBerry Q5 into certain marketplaces.…

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Technology news rumors suggest the next iPhone will be out in June

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The latest consensus appears to be that the Apple 5S model will be unveiled on June 20. Though, as per Apple’s typical style, the actual unveiling date of its next smartphone has not been revealed, the most recent predictions being made by experts and bloggers in the industry show that the iPhone 5S will be debuted on June 20. This will also mean that the shipping of the device is likely to start at the beginning of July. This technology news prediction aligns itself very well with the typical launches…

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