Mobile payments partnership expands between Western Union and ChinaPay

Western Union Mobile Payments

This agreement between the two giants will allow Universities worldwide to use Direct RMB transactions. The Western Union Business Solutions unit has just announced that it will be broadening its partnership with ChinaPay, the UnionPay subsidiary for online and mobile payments from China’s bankcard association. This will allow participating universities around the globe to accept international tuition. In addition to the tuitions for these institutions of higher education, they will also be able to accept student fees in the Renminbi (RMB) the currency of the People’s Republic of China. As…

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Mobile payments at Starbucks allow customers to leave tips

Starbucks Mobile commerce

This new function will be implemented by the summer of 2013. Starbucks has announced that its mobile payments system will soon be including a feature that will allow customers to leave a digital tip for baristas, and that this will likely become available as of next summer. A similar ability will also be available through the Square program to be implemented in November. This additional mobile payments system at Starbucks will also give customers the chance to leave tips for the baristas when they purchase their coffees. In order to…

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Global research zooms in on mobile payments and banking by smartphone users

mobile payments trends

A multinational study by Aite Group and ACI Worldwide finds cell phones are the drivers of the demand for these services. ACI Worldwide and Aite Group collaborated on a massive study that examined the adoption rates of mobile payments and banking in 14 different countries and has come up with an all new consumer category, which they have dubbed “Smartphonatics”, which is responsible for driving those two services. This group includes individuals whose behaviors toward making payment transactions, financial decisions and actions, and shopping have altered because of the fact…

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