QR Code Detective: Realtors are in the perfect position to use barcodes

QR code real estate sale

Real estate marketing is an ideal opportunity to use quick response codes to their fullest potential. Among the many industries that have been achieving the greatest benefit from the use of the QR code is real estate, simply because of the nature of what is being sold and how the word is spread to potential buyers. Mobile marketing has become a critical component of a realtor’s ability to reach prospective buyers. As is the case in retail and in any other area that uses QR code marketing, there are ways…

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Mobile marketing campaign launched by Unilever UK

women mobile payments purse

The company is using an innovative and interactive strategy on behalf of their Gold from Flora client. Mobile marketing is starting to become a vital component to the overall advertising strategy of companies of all size, and Unilever UK has recently partnered with Future Ad Labs in order to create a campaign over this channel for their client, Gold from Flora. Nearly half of all adults in the United Kingdom now own tablets, making tablet commerce and advertising critical. With the penetration of ownership of these and smartphones in mind,…

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Social media marketing strategies at Facebook and Twitter freshen up stale ads

Social Media Marketing

These two networks are working to come up with new ways to generate profit from their current successes. Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms are now working on enhancing their social media marketing experience so that they will be able to bring in greater profits based on their ability to successfully reach millions of consumers. Facebook already has over one billion users and it has been working very hard to boost its income via marketing. Twitter has been doing the same, with a notably greater focus on social media marketing much…

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Mobile marketing may want to place a focus on shopping moms

mom mcommerce mobile marketing

A recent study has shown that this demographic is highly receptive to ads and offers over their smartphones. Newly published research has now confirmed what many mobile marketing firms have already suspected, which is that moms are quite receptive to receiving various types of ads, promotions, and offers over the use of their smartphones. These findings suggested that moms have become more dependent on their mobile devices than ever before. The research was published within the 2014 BabyCenter US Mobile Mom Report. It indicated that mothers are using their smartphones…

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