Mobile marketing will be critical to insurance agencies in 2014

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Consumers are choosing smartphones and tablets on a rapidly increasing basis when shopping for coverage. Retailers have already been recognizing the importance of mobile marketing as a vital way to reach and interact with consumers in an engaging way, and it is becoming increasingly important that the insurance industry comes to the same understanding. In order for an insurance agency to be successful mobile devices will need to make their way into the mix. The latest data is showing that for 2014, it will be more important than ever for…

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Mobile marketing used by 94 percent of leading American advertisers

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More than nine out of every ten marketers in the United States are now targeting smartphone carrying consumers. The latest figures in advertising have just revealed that 90 percent of the leading hundred American advertisers have started to implement some form of mobile marketing techniques within the last year. This data was revealed in a report that was just released regarding trends in the use of these ads. The report was produced by the ad monitoring service called Competitrack. All of the 94 companies that have implemented mobile marketing techniques…

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Mobile marketing costs are increasing, report

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The Fiksu data has also shown that there has been an increase in downloads of apps. The latest report from Fiksu has now been released, in which it shared its data regarding the latest trends in the costs associated with mobile marketing through apps, and shared that in 2012, these expenses were on an “upward trajectory”. This Fiksu Mobile App Marketing Platform data is highly regarded throughout the industry. It provides important insight into the trends and direction that mobile marketing is taking in terms of smartphone and tablet applications.…

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