Mobile health and fitness tracking from ShareFit goes beyond wearables

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Despite the popularity of wearables and pedometers, complete programs can offer more for weight loss and maintenance. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy BMI isn’t as easy as losing keys or even your mind, but when mobile health and fitness tools are incorporated into the mix – as in the case of – dieters have a far better chance at understanding their personal habits and achieving their health goals. ShareFit has ensured that the entire program is tablet and smartphone friendly as well as PC accessible. By doing this,…

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Mhealth study in Brazil shows tech can help the poor

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Researchers have found that this technology can be very helpful to people living in the slums of Rio. A study conducted in Rio de Janeiro has now shown that using mhealth technology for monitoring patients who are living in poor urban neighborhoods can help to increase the access that those individuals have to healthcare services while decreasing the amount of spending required to provide that care. The study was conducted in one of the city’s hillside “favela” slum regions using the latest technology. The New Cities Foundation conducted the research,…

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