Batband mobile gadget plays tunes through the skull of the listener

batband headphones mobile gadget by studio banana

This new form of headphones uses a cutting edge bone conducting technology that is completely wireless. The next generation of mobile gadget has now been invented in the form of the Batband headphones, which use a futuristic kind of technology that uses bone conducting to play music right through the skull of the wearer. In this way, the sound is transmitted to the listener without having to worry about tangled wires. This mobile gadget was created by a company based in London, called Studio Banana. Its headphones allow the sound…

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Mogix battery bank has announced its “Middle Mania Sale”

charge two mogix mobile charger battery bank

The power bank company has taken a unique tack to discount its devices well ahead of Valentine’s Day. The battery bank company, Mogix, that features a dog as its mascot – a Jack Russell Terrier with the same name as the company – issued a press release, yesterday, to announce its “After Christmas, After New Year and Before Valentines Sale!” The company is providing the opportunity to mobile technology users to save when purchasing multiple power banks. The logic behind the deal is that some of the most popular tech…

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Gadgets sales plummet at BlackBerry

Blackberry technology news mobile security BES12 mobile security

The already struggling company has taken a massive hit and has just announced that it is forced to slash 4,500 jobs. Following last week’s announcement of the launch of new gadgets, and adding its BBM messenger service to the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android, BlackBerry has now also revealed that it is slashing 4,500 jobs from its workforce, writing off unsold phones worth over $900 million, and leaving certain sectors of the consumer wireless market. These are the company’s latest moves in a scramble to rescue itself…

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Gadgets from Sony could skyrocket mobile photography

smartphone gadgets camera lens

Detachable camera lenses for smartphones could completely change the photo taking environment. Sony has unveiled its newest gadgets in the form of detachable smartphone lenses, which have the potential for changing the way that people take pictures using their mobile devices. Some wonder whether this will take off, or if this might simply be too niche to be mainstream. The Sony QX-10 and QX-100 gadgets function quite simply by connecting with the smartphone to become the viewfinder. These two stand alone lenses use either NFC technology or Wi-Fi in order…

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Gadgets to Gift Cards program launched at Walmart

Walmart m-commerce gadgets exchange

The retail giant has introduced a trade in program to encourage mobile commerce and device shopping. As the majority of industry experts are now expecting that the next iPhone is less than a month away from being released by Apple, Walmart is taking a preemptive step by introducing a Gadgets for Gift Cards program, in which customers can turn in their old devices in exchange for a gift card to be used in its stores. The trade in is not exclusive to smartphones, but also includes MP3 players, video games,…

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