Mobile payments taking off in Myanmar

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Visa and MasterCard have both announced that they are seeing meaningful growth in the country. Both Visa and MasterCard have announced that the penetration of smartphones in Myanmar will considerably decrease the use of cash in the country, particularly when wireless networks roll out the use of mobile payments in this poorest country in Southeast Asia. These two largest electronic transaction companies have emphasized the massive potential in Myanmar. The credit card companies have pointed out that the government of the country is also looking to grant two more telecommunications…

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Mobile payments card readers becoming popular with businesses

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These devices are starting to be an important part of the industry as a top choice among many businesses. Among all of the various forms of mobile payments that are currently available, it is the credit card reader devices that are proving to be among the most popular as businesses of all sizes find different ways to improve their customer experiences through their use. Though initially believed to be ideal for very small businesses, larger companies are using them, too. According to the mobile payments report from BI Intelligence, “The…

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Mobile payments report shows this will be the fastest growing transaction method

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Research shows that over the next five years, this will be rapidly increasing in popularity. Though much of the technology shopping focus may be on m-commerce at the moment, but according to the latest research, it is mobile payments that are coming out as the star in terms of growth at the moment and over the next few years. In brick and mortar stores, using smartphones for completing purchase transactions will become more common. The results of a new Javelin Strategy and Research study has shown that in the United…

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Mobile payments saw significant U.K. growth last year

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A new report that monitored the acceptance of smartphone transactions has just been released. A new report from the British market research firm called yStats has just been released which shows the wrap up for the mobile payments use statistics throughout last year and the growth that it experienced. Even though the sector still hasn’t expanded at the predicted rate, it still saw some considerable increases. The most recent report from yStats was called “Global Mobile Payment Methods 2012”. It looked into the growth of mobile payments not only in…

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Mobile payments due for more disruption in 2013, says PayPal

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The head of the company, David Marcus, posted on the company blog to say that the area would continue with challenges. The president of PayPal, David Marcus, used the company’s blog in order to make a post with some of his predictions about what is to come next year, including the future of mobile payments. The posting included forecasts both about offline and online forms of paying for products and services. According to Marcus’s post, “At PayPal we have an end-to-end view of the industry that others don’t and I…

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