Next iPhone camera may give you duck lips in 3D

selfie fish lips 3d iphone camera

Rumor has it that the next Apple smartphone camera will allow for three dimensional selfies. The next iPhone camera could come with a unique 3D sensor in its front-facing camera. This, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a top Apple analyst from KGI Securities. The analyst has been notably accurate about iPhone technology predictions in the past. This would require a significant overhaul to the current front-facing camera which has more traditional features. The new iPhone camera would also be able to enable iris recognition and facial recognition. The 3D sensors would…

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CES 2016: Bringing mobile technology and cameras closer together

CAM ON mobile technology camera photography smartphone

From covers to lenses, the Consumer Electronics Show is bringing photography to phones. CES 2016 is well underway and the more than 3,600 exhibitors showing over 20,000 products and mobile technology offerings have filled a record breaking amount of space within the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Venetian Hotel and the Aria Hotel. Las Vegas isn’t new to this type of event but it is certainly lending every bit of free space to it, this year. Among the trends that have popped up through the latest tech developments is in…

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How to Take Stunning Smartphone Photos

smartphone Google augmented reality

As the cameras on our smartphones become increasingly advanced with each passing generation of mobile technology, the lines between professional-grade and amateur photography are increasingly blurred.  Today, savvy smartphone wielders can snap shots that rival the work of artists who lug around DSLRs for a living.  But taking great photos on a cell phone isn’t exactly a no-brainer.  Rather, it takes a bit of conscientious execution, careful timing, and thoughtful editing to capture smartphone photos worthy of being printed and framed (much less posted on social sites for the world…

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7 Top photo editing tools for your camera phone

BeFunky Photo Editor

Remember a few years back, when the first camera phones appeared on the scene? The whole world suddenly went mad for them, shelling out hundreds of pounds for a phone that could take maybe six images of maybe 100 pixels each. Fast forward a decade or so though, and we’re not so easily impressed. With just about every smartphone now capable of taking thousands of pictures and recording reams of video, we’ve gone from marvelling at the technology to being blasé about it. It’s no longer enough to simply take…

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Gadgets from Sony could skyrocket mobile photography

smartphone gadgets camera lens

Detachable camera lenses for smartphones could completely change the photo taking environment. Sony has unveiled its newest gadgets in the form of detachable smartphone lenses, which have the potential for changing the way that people take pictures using their mobile devices. Some wonder whether this will take off, or if this might simply be too niche to be mainstream. The Sony QX-10 and QX-100 gadgets function quite simply by connecting with the smartphone to become the viewfinder. These two stand alone lenses use either NFC technology or Wi-Fi in order…

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