Smartphone battery indicator issue fix released by Apple

apple pay iphone 6s smartphone battery

It is meant to repair the issues that have existed in both the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. Apple has now released a long awaited statement meant to explain why there has been a nagging smartphone battery life indicator on the most recently versions of its iPhone, the 6S and the 6S Plus. It stated that the main problem was that the indicator had been reporting a higher charge in the device than was true. The reason Apple gave for the smartphone battery indicator problem on the iPhone…

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Hitachi aims to double smartphone battery pack capacity

best portable phone charger battery pack

The company is working with a new and more powerful kind of lithium-ion battery that won’t need more space. Hitachi Maxell has now come up with a new type of lithium-ion battery pack that has the potential to double the size of a mobile device’s power capacity without increasing the thickness of the internal power bank. At the moment, it has become commonplace for people to rely on a backup portable charger. The reason is that the built-in battery pack is often inadequate for keeping up with the needs of…

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Smartphone battery myths that most of us believe

Wireless smartphone Battery Charger And Smartphone Or Tablet

There is a huge amount of false information out there and the shame of it is that we’ve fallen for it! The odds are that you’ve heard some fantastic tips that you have been following in order to make sure you get more out of your smartphone battery life, and while it’s great that you’re willing to make the effort, the truth of the matter is that – in all likelihood – some of them are nothing more than myths. The good news is that a number of sources are…

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Mobile devices could see longer battery life with LG and Samsung tech

thread like battery for wearable technology mobile devices

The companies are looking into new materials that could double the capacity of current lithium-ion power packs. Samsung and LG Electronics have both issued announcements with regards to new battery technology for mobile devices that has been designed to extend the life of rechargeable gadgets. The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) has created new materials that could make a meaningful difference. The Samsung announcement said that these new materials could potentially double the capacity that is currently available in lithium-ion batteries. At the same time, LG Electronics made an…

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How long is your smartphone battery life when compared to the competition?

smartphone battery life

In the length of time that a mobile device can be used between charges, there is a difference from one brand to the next. These days, when shopping for new devices, the top selling features aren’t really slimness and lightness, anymore, but they are instead starting to focus on features such as smartphone battery life. This is because most manufacturers have pretty much mastered an adequate level of slim and light design. However, with the growing use of mobile devices for everyday tasks that are integral to being able to…

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