MEB in The Netherlands defines QR codes usage policy

QR Codes Used for Medical

The Medicines Evaluation Board has now decided how quick response codes can be used on packaging. It has now been announced by the Netherlands Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB) that they have now come up with a policy that specifically defines the way that QR codes can be used on the outer packaging and the package leaflets for products within the medicinal category. This policy goes into detail about the conditions that must be fulfilled by quick response codes. Through this newly created policy, the MEB has worked to address the…

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QR codes enhance Broomfield Veterans Memorial exhibits

QR codes scanning success

The displays now feature quick response codes that will allow visitors to use smartphones to learn more. The Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum has now added QR codes to its various displays and exhibits that include everything from the Civil War to the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These quick response codes are designed to give visitors the chance to learn even more while they’re there. By scanning the QR codes with a smartphone or tablet, visitors to the museum are directed to YouTube videos that are relevant to each display…

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QR codes added to park trees to identify species

QR codes on trees support learning

The quick response codes that are posted on the signs help with the identification of 24 different local species. Matthews Park now has a much more high-tech feature than it ever has before, as signage has now been added to some of the trees that include QR codes that can be scanned in order to learn more about 24 local species that are represented within the space. The hope is that by allowing people to scan the quick response codes, they will become more interested. According to Ron Muller who…

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Smartphone barcodes let library users scan their own and skip the line

QR codes school library smartphone barcodes

A new app is allowing boos to be borrowed without having to wait at borrowing stations to check out. The National Library in Singapore has come up with a new program to help to beat the lineups in its libraries by using a new mobile app that will allow device users to scan smartphone barcodes and borrow books right as they take them off the shelf, instead of having to wait in line at borrowing stations. This mobile app is designed to help to make things much more convenient for…

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QR codes assist lost Chinese seniors in finding their way home

qr codes button tags business cards

Quick response codes printed on badges are assisting the elderly to be able to stay safe. It is no secret that aging comes with a number of struggles that weren’t experienced throughout the earlier phases of adulthood, but a program in China is now working to use QR codes to help seniors to be able to avoid one of the scarier situations of which the elderly are at risk. Challenges with mobility, false teeth, and bladder issues are only the start of what seniors often face. Among the largest struggles…

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