Augmented reality promoted in electronics show through “Magic Remote”

Augmented Reality

The LG consumer electronics brand has launched a new AR device for Smart TV. LG’s presence at the Gadget Show Live included a new augmented reality “magic remote” device that was being plugged through their “The Magic is In Your Hand” experience. The new device allows gestures and voice commands to operate a consumer’s Smart TV. The augmented reality experience featured a device that would allow consumers to use their voice commands and gestures to use their Smart TVs. It was also being demonstrated at a number of different shopping…

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Augmented reality political campaign used in Kenya

  The prime minister is using mobile technology as he runs for president of the country. Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga has announced that he is using mobile marketing in the form of augmented reality through Aurasma, in order to help to boost his campaign for president of the country. There are now over 100 different countries that are using Aurasma’s services and technology. Although QR codes were widely used in campaigns during the American presidential election, Kenya is leading the way by taking mobile technology a step further in…

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Augmented reality used by Google Ingress game app

The Android application blends maps with AR technology to illustrate its fictional worldwide conspiracy. The Android game, Ingress, is being released with a unique augmented reality element that is meant to provide an exciting new element to the experience for its players. The app asks users to fight a “mysterious energy” that is showing up on a global scale. The app then uses augmented reality technology to allow the player to discover the location of the energy so that he or she can make the decision to embrace or fight…

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Augmented reality content now available in latest Taylor Swift album

Taylor swift augmented reality

The singer’s mobile app provides exclusive additional features to “Red”. The leading augmented reality platform, Aurasma, has joined with Big Machine Records for the release of the latest release by Taylor Swift, which will now reveal exclusive AR video content to tablet and smartphone users who view the “Red” album using the singer’s app. The only way that this bonus material can be seen is through the viewfinder when the app is running. The additional augmented reality content includes a video of Taylor Swift, who discusses the inspiration behind the…

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