QR codes make their way into intricate art forms

QR codes - Jonathan Bréchignac - the carpet site screencap

A French artist has just worked the barcodes into an extremely involved blue and ultraviolet ink design. An artist from France named Jonathan Bréchignac has created a fascinating artistic design using Bic pens (in blue) and Ultraviolet ink, and has worked QR codes into the mix in order to add an additional mobile element to his incredible piece. This highly intricate design has taken a tremendous amount of effort and was all done by hand. The complex design, which he entitled “Ultraviolet – The Blue Carpet” features four different QR…

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QR codes on a totem pole provide interactive learning

Totem QR codes

The arts project helps to offer a modern perspective on an ancient form of communication. Totem poles have been used by native peoples of North America for thousands of years in order to represent themselves, commemorate their histories, events, ancestries, and people, and they have now been brought into the latest in communications through the inclusion of QR codes. An interactive arts initiative of £80,000 is giving a modern technology angle to sharing memories. Wester Hailes is using the funds in order to create a totem pole that is not…

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