Wearable technology is not as accurate as smartphones for fitness

Nike Fuelband wearable technology fitness band

As hot as wearables are for fitness and health tracking, a Penn Medicine study says your cell phone is likely better. The results of recent research from Penn Medicine have now been released, and what they have shown is that some of the features of smartphone apps are actually more accurate for health and fitness tracking than wearable technology. The study determined that in some situations and with certain apps, smartphones work as well or better than wearables. It determined that wearable technology and smartphones sometimes performed at about the…

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Blackberry mobile apps should be required by Congress, says Chen

blackberry android - bold 9900 mobile apps

The company’s CEO has now sent an open letter to the members, calling for “net neutrality”. The CEO of BlackBerry has issued an open letter to the members of United States Congress, claiming that the developers of mobile apps should be required to ensure that their products are compatible with his company’s devices. John Chen is seeking this move in the name of “net neutrality”. Chen has stated that his effort to encourage the creation of mobile apps that are compatible with BlackBerry devices has to do with “net neutrality”,…

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Keeping Up With Consumer Trends Through Mobile Apps

Night Shift touchscreen Apple ipad

Just a few short years ago, “there’s an app for that” was a confident slogan designed to get people to join the ranks of smartphone owners. Now it’s become a nearly universal truth about the world we live in. Millions of people are equipped with smartphones now, each augmented by a personalized selection of mobile apps designed to handle and streamline as many daily tasks as possible for on-the-go completion. Since the app has become almost as crucial as a website for businesses, how do you develop an app that…

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7 Weird Games that can be Surprisingly Addictive

Chinese mobile games

In this day and age, weirdness is not always frowned upon. In fact, it is being celebrated as being unique, exceptional and one of a kind. Think of Lady Gaga’s antics and over the top costume sets but lo and behold, it seems to work really well with today’s generation. People nowadays have grown more open-minded and tolerant about being different. After all, being different is not always a bad thing, right? It could open up a whole lot of good possibilities that we never thought possible. Weirdness has crept…

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Mobile apps that clone Flappy Bird are being taken down

Flappy Bird mobile apps

Google and Apple are cracking down on games that attempt to replicate the now unavailable application. It has recently been observed that both Google and Apple are cracking down on any new mobile apps that are being added to try to clone the concept of the recently terminated “Flappy Bird” and take advantage of the tremendous number of people who have been trying to obtain a copy of the application. As we reported last week, the highly popular and addictive game was taken down by its creator. Behind the Flappy…

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