Smartwatches are everywhere: the main competitors are battling fiercely

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Even with all of the competition within this market space, there are already some leaders. While the industry for smartwatches remains in its industry, with as these wearable technology devices remain quite rudimentary – despite their considerable technical advancements – and limited, the speed with which it is growing has already allowed certain leaders to be defined and they have managed to generate a considerable amount of hype for themselves. Wearable computing is something that required a definition only a short while ago. Only a handful of months ago would…

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Smartwatches are huge: got yours yet?

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Consumers are all over wearable technology devices, which also include smart jewelry. As a tremendous number of different forms of wearable technology flood their way into the mobile devices scene, smartwatches and smart jewelry are becoming an enormous hit with consumers. In fact, while some are deciding if wearable technology is the next big tech category, others are asking about fashion. Until now, smartwatches and other mobile devices within the wearable technology category have been seen as rather ugly and clunky, so they have been considered only from the tech…

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Smarwatches receive important update through companion mobile apps

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Qualcomm Toq is updating to help to improve the experience and overcome a frustrating bug. Although smartwatches have been the greatest driver in the wearable technology market, Qualcomm Toq has been holding a space in that sector that has been somewhat unique in a rather awkward way. It features a display that is somewhat like e-ink in order to favor battery life to bells and whistles. These smartwatches do support more colors than black and white, giving them a boost over Pebble, which also uses an e-ink like display, but…

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Gadgets continue to be released with Google smartwatch rumors

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If a new report is correct, then the device that has never been officially acknowledged will soon be unveiled. According to reports that were published in the Wall Street Journal, Google is currently in talks with Asian gadgets suppliers for beginning the mass production of its new smartwatch product – which remains a device that is only rumored and never officially announced, but that is believed to be in the later development stages. The report suggests that Google’s latest wearable device will be based on their Android operating system. The…

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Qualcomm CEO snubs augmented reality glasses

Augmented Reality Glasses Example

Qualcomm moving away from AR glasses Qualcomm is one of the largest companies in the mobile space currently. The company is responsible for a wide range of technologies that go into the most famous mobile devices currently available on the market. Qualcomm recently adopted a strong focus on augmented reality technology, spurred by consumer demand and the growing interest its competitors have been showing the technology in recent years. Qualcomm’s leading augmented reality platform, called Vuforia, has been the crux of many advances in the realm of interactive technology, but…

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