5 Reasons to Implement Mobile Payment Processing

Mobile Marketing for Small Business Owners

Mobile payment processing allows people to use their mobile devices to pay for a variety of products and services. This positively influences many areas of commerce by improving the way companies do business. It offers a variety of benefits that range from superior on-the-go capabilities, flexibility, and affordable pricing to opportunities to attract new customers and increase profit. If these advantages don’t convince you to embrace this payment option, perhaps the following 5 reasons to implement mobile payment processing will be helpful. 1.      Convenience Developed especially for people on the…

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Mobile commerce may revolutionize transactions

mobile wallets

Smart phone may change the way people purchase goods Smart phones may be poised to take over the world of commerce thanks to NFC technology. The technology has made it possible for these mobile devices to be used as payment platforms for goods and services. Though NFC-enabled smart phones are still in low supply, the demand for these devices is becoming larger as consumers become more exposed to mobile commerce. With mobile commerce becoming more established, smart phones may soon change the way people make transactions. Large companies continue to…

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M Commerce…an industry in motion

New reports released are showing customers prefer and enjoy the use of mobile commerce or otherwise known as m-commerce. Using the mobile phone as a tool for shopping, m-commerce can connect traditional and digital retail which provides great benefits for both consumers and business owners. From the Mobile Marketing Association, Michael Becker who is the North American Managing Director says that mobile commerce is exchanging something that has value with that of a mobile device. Further, he says that mobile has what it takes to connect traditional retail and digital…

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Medical journal linked to unique content makes it’s premier

The medical journal, NEUROSURGERY, will be featuring QR codes in their April 2011 issue. Readers will be able to gain access to additional online content by scanning the codes with their smart phones. The journal is using the codes to fill the gap between print and online content. The codes will help enhance reader experience for those that enjoy the traditional hard copy. Print media has been competing with digital content for some time now. With users able to access content quickly through the Internet, fewer are making use of…

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Exclusive content linked to QR code “March Madness” campaign

The Off Shore Gambling Association (OSGA) will be celebrating March Madness today in Las Vegas and will be promoting their event through use of QR codes. The codes will be featured on clothing worn by the OSGA Girls and will be fully functional. Scanning the codes with a smart phone will take smart phone users to a mobile site where they can download content from the OSGA. Starting March 16th, anyone that scans the QR codes will be able to download exclusive content. The OSGA Insider Betting Guide to March…

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