The future of mobile commerce and how it is revolutionizing business worldwide

Mobile Commerce U.S. and Worldwide

M-commerce is moving forward at full steam and many feel that it won’t be long before it turns retail upside down. It doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone to hear that cell phones are the most widely used electronic device in the world, as there were approximately 7 billion of them. This means that there are nearly four times (3.8 times) more phones than there are PCs. A growing percentage of cell phone users now own smartphones. These individuals are relying on their devices on an increasing basis, and…

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Nokia announces three new NFC Symbian smartphones

Nokia NFC Phone

Nokia has announced that it will be releasing three Symbian smartphones with near field communication (NFC) technology in the hopes that it will help to lessen losses of its market share to Google’s Android. Nokia is the largest manufacturer of mobile phones worldwide and, according to the chief of sales, Colin Giles, the company has noted that there is a “big requirement” for this type of product in Asia. Giles has also been named the interim head of Chinese business for the company. There, he is reshaping Nokia’s operations following…

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Cell phone users prefer their mobile devices to caffeine and sex

Mobile Phone User Survey

Though the growing addiction to cell phones isn’t news to anyone, what is surprising are the results of a study performed by TeleNav, which identified the extent to which cell phone users would go instead of giving up their mobile devices. It determined that: • 54 percent would prefer to live a week without any physical activity than to relinquish their mobile phones – though it was not determined how many were already leading sedentary lives. • 70 percent stated that they would stop drinking alcohol if it meant that…

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QR code on the run with local errand service

QR codes have found their way to Kitsap Errand Runner, one of Washington State’s most prominent errand running services. The codes have been growing in popularity in the state and are catching the attention of more people. Part of their appeal lies in their ability to connect consumers directly with businesses, creating a tangible link between the two. Owner of Kitsap Errand Runner, Bryan Garrett, has begun experimenting with the codes after seeing them in advertisements. At first, Garrett had no idea what the codes were. QR codes are, essentially,…

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The future of doing business is here now!

Technology has unleashed the future, and the future is mobile. Not just mobile phones, movies and music, but mobile marketing, advertising and sales. Now, thanks to Mobibucks, whose headquarters are in California, there are also mobile payments. Mobibucks is a leading, global provider of digital payment technology. This free, secure, and fast virtual payment platform utilizes a device that more than two billion people all ready own; a mobile phone. This new platform will allow banks to provide customers and merchants, the ability to make and receive digital payments.  The…

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