Autistic children could use Google Glass app to boost social skills

Mhealth Google Glass app for autism - QR Codes

The application for the wearable technology may also assist these kids in improving the ability to communicate. Brain Power, a startup based in Massachusetts, is now in the process of developing an app for Google Glass that will assist autistic children in being able to learn both communication and social skills. The Glass app would also offer caregivers some vital feedback about how they can help the autistic child to cope in life. The Google Glass app is called the Empowered Brain Suite for Autism, and it works by encouraging…

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Wearable tech presents growing amount of Google Glass competition

ChipSip SiMEye Smart Glasses wearable technology

The latest to rival the giant’s augmented reality headset is the current version of SiMEye. A company from Taiwan is now doing its best to carve its way into the wearable tech industry with a device that would add to the competition that is currently growing for the Google Glass augmented reality headset. Should the company be successful, it could represent quite the upset in this infant industry. In fact, the company behind these new mobile devices has already won an award for its current version. The company is called…

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Google Glass blocking technology designed to enhance privacy

Google Glass augmented reality glasses

A growing number of people are starting to resent “Glassholes” and the risk of their surveillance. A new product has been created in the form of a very simple program by artist Julian Oliver, from Berlin, which has been designed to detect any Google Glass device that is nearby and that is making an attempt to connect with a Wi-Fi network. The program, called, uses a unique character string discovered in these augmented reality wearables. Oliver found that the MAC addresses of Google Glass have a unique character string.…

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Augmented reality glasses competition is on the rise

smartspecks augmented reality glasses - the crazy ones episode

A new product called Smartspecks is meant to give Google Glass a run for its money. While Google Glass has been working very hard to position itself as the leader of the augmented reality glasses market, some serious competition has started to move in, which has decided to price its devices at a considerably lower amount. Smartspecks have joined in the marketplace among the others that are competing with Google Glass. These augmented reality glasses by LaForge Optical will have an original version available for $200. That said, the price…

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Wearable technology and regulation

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Wearable devices are becoming more common Wearable technology is beginning to play a bigger role in society. Smartwatches and high-tech jewelry are becoming more common, but are still somewhat rare in many parts of the world. In many cases, these devices are used to sustain a constant connection to the digital world via social media, email, and messaging services. As wearable technology becomes more common, a new problem is arising: Many people that use wearable devices are experiencing harassment for doing so. The clearest cases of harassment of those using…

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