Mobile payments offer advantage to small businesses

Mobile Payments

Restaurants specifically stand to benefit from offering patrons a way to pay using smartphones. Analysts are stating that in order to remain competitive now that it is 2013, it will soon be considered to be “crucial” for small businesses and restaurants to offer mobile payments options to their customers. This will help to provide those companies with the type of competitive edge that they require. Electric Commerce International CEO, Jim Anderson, agrees with this statement and included it in a release from his company on the subject. That company is…

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Mobile payments service in EU expands into Spain

mobile commerce platform

iZettle has announced that it will be expanding into its seventh European nation. The mobile payments startup out of Sweden called iZettle has released its latest mcommerce news, which has revealed its latest entry into a new country – in this case, Spain – in order to bring its services to small businesses there. There are now 7 different countries in the E.U. in which these smartphone transactions are accepted. Among the other nations in which iZettle is providing mobile payments service are Sweden, Germany, and the U.K. In November…

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Mobile payments launched in the U.K. by iZettle

The system implemented by the Swedish company has been compared to Square in the U.S. iZettle, a company from Sweden, has just announced that it has launched a mobile payments service similar to Square in the United Kingdom, and that it has now gone live for merchants to use. The service works with an app and reader device that plugs into a tablet or smartphone. iZettle is considered to be the main rival to Square in Europe as it expands into its second marketplace within the same number of weeks.…

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Mobile payments on ice cream trucks for high tech transaction completion

Coolhaus mobile payments

*Image credit Organic dessert food truck now has a point of sale that processes and tracks purchases on the go. An organic ice cream truck called Coolhaus, which operates in New York City, is now selling its frozen desserts in a way that takes advantage of the latest in mobile payments technologies. According to Natasha Case, one of the company’s founders, it uses a powerful POS device. Case explained that it is not only convenient and effective for processing mobile payments, but that it also allows the operator of…

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Mobile payments service by Square offers small businesses advantageous rates

Square Inc. mobile payments nfc technology

They have offered the opportunity to pay a monthly rate instead of a per-use fee. The greatly hyped Square Inc. mobile payments startup has just announced that its services will now be available to small businesses at a monthly rate, providing them with greater flexibility in the way that they pay for transactions that are completed through the use of credit cards. This boosts the company’s competition with their rival, the PayPal card reader, even further. Square was founded by Jack Dorsey, who stated that companies that have a revenue…

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