South Korea to test NFC payments in busiest market in the nation

MyeongDong Street South Korea Mobile Commerce

NFC-powered mobile wallets are getting their first large scale, real world trial in Seoul, South Korea. The city is home to one of the busiest marketplaces in the world, known as Myeong-Dong Street. Hundreds of shops line the street, making it a prime testing ground for the performance of mobile payments. The Korea Communications Commission has teamed with several telecommunications companies, such as Samsung and Nokia, to bring NFC terminals to more than 200 stores lining the street. Smart devices are becoming very popular in South Korea. The number of…

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Mobile wallet on handsets will not be replaced by NFC on SIM

Typical SIM Card

According to SK Telecom in South Korea, subscriber identity module (SIM) card-enabled near field communication (NFC) will provide a complement technology, but not a substitute for handsets that have been NFC-enabled. NFC implemented within a SIM card makes it much simpler and faster for consumers to obtain the technology, as they do not have to replace their handsets in favor of ones that have been NFC-enabled. Equally, though, SK Telecom says that they will work together with the purchase of NFC-enabled handset to build on the adoption of mobile wallets.…

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SK Telecom develops new way to make every mobile device NFC capable

Example of SIM Card wearable technology

Mobile commerce is beginning to gain a fair deal of momentum in the world. The concept is proving to be appealing to consumers that have become conjoined with their smart phones. The problem, however, is that those with NFC-enabled smart phones do not account for the majority of the market, putting mobile commerce in a precarious position. A Korean telecommunications company has designed a solution that could save the future of the industry. SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest mobile telecommunications company, has developed a new SIM card that can imbue…

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