CAC deletes nearly 10,000 Chinese social media accounts

Chinese Social Media Accounts - Teen Selfie - Mobile Phone

Thousands of social media accounts have been eliminated by the nation’s top cyber authority. The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has erased almost 10,000 Chinese social media accounts that it found to be in violation of the law. The account holders were accused of posting online content that the CAC deemed to be vulgar, sensational or politically harmful. Accounts were eradicated for a variety of violations. More specifically, thousands of Chinese social media accounts were erased for violations such as, “spreading politically harmful information, maliciously falsifying (Chinese Communist) party history,…

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QR codes rolled out for all Sina Weibo users

Sina Weibo QR Codes

More than 300 million mobile barcodes issued to registered members of the blogging site. The micro blogging website from China, called Sina Weibo, has announced that it has rolled out a new feature which will provide all of its members with their own QR codes. This means that over 300 million registered users will have their own quick response codes. The service went into effect immediately and gave the members of the site the ability to generate their own customized QR codes from their computers through their Sina Weibo accounts.…

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