Sequent Software joins with Global Platform to improve mobile security


Mobile security, a very important piece in the mobile commerce pie. Sequent Software, a developer of NFC technology, has joined with Global Platform, an organization that aims to standardize the management of mobile security applications. Through the partnership, Sequent will be able to help develop more robust security technologies for NFC-based contactless services. The company will also help establish new business requirements and best practices guidelines to help other industries make use of secure NFC technology. Sequent believes that the partnership will be beneficial to the entirety of the NFC…

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Sequent Software develops new technology that will let almost everyone adopt mobile commerce

NFC technology mobile payments

Telecommunications and technology companies, along with financial institutions, have been locked in a battle to establish dominance in the budding mobile commerce industry. The industry relies heavily on NFC technology, which allows consumers to make purchase from their mobile devices. Consumers have responded well, thus far, to the prospect of their mobile devices becoming a payment platform, but there is a problem keeping mobile commerce from mass adoption. The problem is that NFC technology is available only to a precious few smart phones – those equipped with microchips that allow…

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Sequent Software launches new NFC mobile payment platform that seeks to accelerate the adoption of mobile commerce amongst consumers

Mobile Wallets

The emerging mobile commerce industry is currently rife with competition. Financial institutions, telecommunication and technology companies are fighting for control of the industry using NFC-enabled platforms and smart phones. For consumers, the competition means that they have limited access to mobile payments depending on which NFC project they decide to support. In an effort to inject more flexibility Sequent Software, a developer of NFC software and related mobile devices, has announced the launch of a new platform that aims to accelerate the adoption of mobile payments. The platform, dubbed Sequent’s…

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