School QR code launched to promote wellness

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An Idaho school district is using technology to help its wellness campaign to succeed. Emmett School District Food Service Director Tyree White has spearheaded a school QR code for a wellness campaign. The educator worked with a nurse in the district for the purpose of providing better awareness of what people are eating. The quick response code campaign was inspired by the contents of White’s husband’s birthday cake. Last year, White used the Fitness Pal to find out how many calories she had consumed when she had eaten some of…

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Mobile phones banned at West Craven High School

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A school in the United Kingdom has decided all smarthpones will be banned from its premises. West Craven High School in Barnoldswick in the United Kingdom has now announced that mobile phones are an “unnecessary distraction” and, as such, they will be banned from the premises. The regulation was announced following the student break that occurred over the Easter weekend. The school has deemed mobile phones as a disturbance within the classroom, but it has also stated that these devices have an impact on learning, that they can lead to…

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QR codes and “Mystery Skype” teach 4th grade geography

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This mobile technology is being implemented as a new tool to help fourth graders to learn. New Castle students in 4th grade at Carrie Downie Elementary School are now using QR codes and Mystery Skype to be able to connect with 63 other classrooms around the globe in order to give them a more authentic geography lesson. It may not be possible to take the kids on field trips around the world, but this might be the next best thing. The children will be talking to other classrooms around the…

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