Scanning QR codes lets Chinese motorists pay to have stolen car mirrors returned in new scam

QR Code scanning mercedes benz cars

Thieves demand cash by way of quick response code to give back stolen vehicle side mirror glass. Chinese thieves stole glass from car side mirrors, telling victims scanning QR codes to make a payment is the only way to have the property returned. The motorists were told to pay anywhere from $45 to $105 to have the glass from the mirrors returned. Police in Xian, a city in central China, are investigating reports of extortion efforts by local thieves. The criminals reportedly said scanning QR codes to pay were the…

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Mobile Commerce Round Up

This week in Mobile Commerce…   Below please find the notes and highlights we cover…   QR codes scanned daily by 2.75 million Americans Arbitron and Edison Research have released the results of a new study, which revealed that QR codes are being regularly used by a large number of smartphone owning Americans. The study found that in the United States, about 21 percent of smartphone users have scanned QR codes at least one time in their lives. The study also found that 25% of consumers accessed retailer coupons using…

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QR codes at ReapSo designed to increase appeal of scanning

reapso qr codes marketing app

This Michigan based startup company has found a way to make the barcodes stand out. ReapSo, a startup company based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, has come up with a mobile app that provides loyal customers with a way to earn fun rewards through the use of QR codes, boosting the appeal of scanning these barcodes. The mobile app officially went live in January, and had already broken the 500 customer mark in 3 weeks. The mobile app from ReapSo gives smartphone users the ability to scan unique QR codes that…

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QR Code stores big hit in 2013

Dutch Startup to bring pop-up virtual store to the public After Tesco launched its QR Code virtual store for the homeplus formula in 2009, the number of QR Code stores has been increasing with double digits. In 2012 over 300 QR Code stores were published worldwide and over 2000 have already been announced for 2013. With the rise of mobile commerce, retailers are finally integrating their online and offline channels. According to Forrester research , mobile retail and travel spending grew by 80% in 2011 and is expected to more…

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QR codes are common, but so is their poor use

QR Codes

Though quick response barcodes are widely used, many companies still aren’t applying them well. Though QR codes are providing a wonderful opportunity for brands to bridge the gap between the real world and the digital universe, many companies have yet to figure out how to provide any level of engaging consumer experience. This poor user experience is leading consumers to shy away from continuing to scan the barcodes. Fortunately, as the use is still relatively new, there are enough consumers out there who have not yet scanned QR codes that…

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QR codes successfully implemented by small unique beer company

Beer Bottle QR codes

The owner of 50 Back Brewing Company has launched a highly successful mobile campaign. Though Kimberly Rogers, the owner of 50 Back Brewing Company, generated free QR codes for her company a year ago, it wasn’t until just recently that she discovered how to best implement them for her business needs. Rogers was able to develop a massive mobile marketing campaign that was highly popular. After first reading about QR codes in a marketing blog, Rogers though that the technology looked “neat” and that “We should get one.” She felt…

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QR codes solution used by Emerald Packaging for grocery products

Jolly Green Giant QR Codes

These barcodes are both smartphone and human readable with a simple scan. Emerald Packaging, a leading supplier of fresh produce packaging, is now offering consumers who have smartphones an additional way to learn about their foods through the use of QR codes. Scanning the barcodes helps consumers to discover the origins of the products they are buying. The unique QR codes that are both smartphone and human readable, have become possible through Domino USA’s installation of digital ink jet printing equipment. The company, which is based in California, manufactures packaging…

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QR codes used on mall directories for Junk Food Clothing

QR Code T-Shirts

The apparel store has turned its vintage t-shirt brand into a mobile commerce experience. The Junk Food Clothing brand from Delta Apparel has unveiled mall directories that feature QR codes and that allow shoppers to use their smartphones to learn more about the limited edition products and to make their purchases. The promotion is specific to the limited edition NFL sweatshirts and t-shirts offered by the brand. These displays with QR codes are appearing at a number of malls in several states. Participating states include: New York, Northern California, Illinois,…

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QR codes used by RAAW foods for free giveaway

Cas Haley QR Codes

The non-GMO fruit and veggie juice company will use the barcodes to give a holiday gift. RAAW Foods, a fruit and vegetable juice company that has been non-GMO verified, has announced that it will be using QR codes for a free holiday season present for customers. Scanning the code shares an original Christmas song called “Gifts to Give” by Cas Haley. The QR codes can be found on the Strawberry Purple Carrot juice product by the company. They will be displayed on the label so that customers who purchase the…

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QR codes can be scanned by Windows PCs with CodeTwo

QR Code Desktop Reader

The barcodes are usually meant for smartphones, but this can allow desktops to view their content. QR codes have become exceptionally popular and they are popping up virtually everywhere you look, but they are designed primarily for use by smartphone and tablet users, which excludes a large percentage of people whose preference is to use laptop and desktop computers. The barcodes let over half the population access sites and pages through scans. This is because more than half of all Americans have smartphones that are capable of scanning QR codes…

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QR codes and NFC could threaten Samsung smartphones with malicious code

QR Codes and mobile Security

A single line of coding has been discovered that can wipe the devices back to factory settings. The latest mobile news has shaken some owners of Samsung smartphone devices, as they discover that activities as simple as visiting an mcommerce website, scanning QR codes, or using NFC transactions could be enough to wipe all of the saved data and settings from their devices. The tiny piece of coding is enough to return the phones back to their original status. The malicious coding has so far been reported as being able…

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