AR browser Junaio receives update enabling it to scan QR codes

Junaio App

As augmented reality continues to grow more advanced, real life may be becoming more like the Internet. Metaio, an augmented reality developing firm based in Germany, aims to make this a reality with their AR browser Junaio. The application allows users to see a world integrated with virtual reality, enabling them to interact with the digital aspects as they would while browsing the Internet. Despite the appeal of augmented reality, a mobile app does not seem complete if it cannot scan barcodes. So, Metaio has updated their platform so that…

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Layar Vision takes AR browsing to the next level by allowing users to transform their environments

Layar AR Browser

Layar, one of the largest augmented reality browsing platforms in the world, has released a new application that will expand the use of augmented reality. AR has been steadily gaining popularity for its ability to create dynamic experience for mobile users. The technology has, thus far, been used primarily for marketing, but Layar has opened up a new venue for the technology in the form of AR browsing. The new product, called Layar Vision, will expand upon the foundation laid by the original Layar platform. The original Layar platform can…

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Atlanta airport implementing QR codes to help with travelers needs

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has announced a new campaign that is aimed at improving passenger’s experience through the use of the latest trend in mobile technology. The airport will begin using QR codes in a number of shops and restaurants located on site. As mobile technology becomes ever more prevalent, the airport is looking to cater to the needs of consumers. Hartsfield-Jackson is boasting of being the first airport to make use of the barcodes. Officials unveiled plans to implement the codes early today. They will be embedded on…

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QR Codes and Mobile Marketing Trends

QR codes have been around for decades now. They were first developed in the mid-80’s by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, to keep track of inventory. Smart phones were non-existent in that era, so usefulness of the codes was limited. As smart phones and other mobile devices rose to prominence, the codes became a popular tool for marketers to connect with consumers. In Japan, the codes are now used extensively for just about everything. Marketers around the world agree that QR codes are the next step in mobile advertising.…

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Scanning your way to a better education

Information is becoming increasingly mobile. To keep up with technology, the West Virginia University Libraries will be using QR codes to help students gain quick access to the resources offered by the libraries. The codes can be scanned with smart phones that have barcode scanning applications. David Roth, a library associate, says the codes are a great way to bridge the gap between digital content and physical media. When scanned, the codes will resolve to the library’s mobile website. From there, students will be able to check the availability of…

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