Japan Airlines adopts NFC-enabled boarding passes to better serve consumers

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines has announced that it will be launching a new NFC-based service that will help consumers board planes faster. The airline has partnered with mobile operations company KDDI in order to create NFC-enabled boarding passes. Japan Airlines is not the first to adopt this type of boarding pass. Last year, Scandinavian Airlines began experimenting with similar boarding passes they called Smart Pass. Now, the Japanese company is looking to expound on this idea and make it popular with travelers. The Smart Passes will be able to track travelers wherever…

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Scandinavian Airlines releases unique double scan QR code promotion

Scandinavian Airlines has just launched its latest promotion based on the use of a QR code, which requires two mobile devices to scan the code while they are next to one another in order to obtain the offered deal. The “2 for 1 offer it takes 2 to see” is based on a QR code that must be scanned by devices that are physically next to one another. The reason for this design is that the airline performed research that discovered that when couples make their trip bookings, they are…

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Scandinavian Airlines leverages NFC to get frequent flyers through terminals faster

Scandinavian Airlines NFC Technology

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is planning to reward their frequent flyers with NFC-powered benefits. The airline is currently testing their “SAS Smart Pass” in select areas. The service is aimed at making the traveling experience much more fluid and engaging. Pending the success of preliminary trials, the airline has plans to launch the full service to their exclusive EuroBonus Gold members in September. NFC is becoming a popular medium for companies looking to garner the favor of mobile consumers. Indeed, many smart phones are being released already equipped to interface with…

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