Learn from the mobile marketing mistakes of others

Jump ahead by learning from the trial and error that has already been accomplished. Mobile marketing is still very new and can be quite tricky, but there have already been a large number of campaigns – some successes and some failures – that can help a company or a brand to learn how to continually improve its own advertising and promotions, without having to make the same mistakes that have already been suffered by others. QR codes are a prime example of how successes are possible by avoiding repeats of…

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Vogue Australia adopts QR codes to reach out to mobile consumers

The print industry continues to acclimate to a world growing more enthralled with technology. Magazine publishers are beginning to realize that they must adapt to this changing world or risk being left behind by consumers. Mobile technology can be intimidating for an industry that has, until very recently, been almost entirely separate from technology. QR codes have, however, provided the industry with a way to break into mobile technology without having to battle the steep learning curve. Vogue Australia has included a QR code in its latest issue, hoping to…

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Grand Junction, Colorado, uses QR code technology in new information effort

QR Codes

Grand Junction, a city in Colorado, has announced that it will now be using QR code technology to help to provide residents and visitors with information through the use of their smartphones and tablets. These barcodes are now being posted on everything from real estate ads, to beverages, and poster advertisements. They are being used as an engaging tool to assist in the promotion of the city’s Activity Guide, which is provided by its Parks and Recreation Department. According to Karen Peterson, from the department, and who was a designer…

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Christmas shopping season sees notable increase in mobile payments from barcodes

Mobile Shopping

Mobile payments throughout the holiday shopping season broke a number of important records according to many large retail chains. Many have reported that the heart of the reason that so many people started using their mobile devices to make purchases was because of the increasing use of barcode scanners that allow them to rapidly make price comparisons online so that they could find the least expensive offer, and buy it right away. John Lewis, a large retail store chain in the United Kingdom, has reported that the number of visits…

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Lender’s QR code campaign designed to connect offline with online

Security One Lending, a company that specializes in reverse mortgages, introduced their latest initiative making use of QR codes. The codes will be featured on the company’s print and online advertisements and will help their customers obtain a better overall experience. Security One hopes to close the gap between their online and offline endeavors through use of the codes, a trend more companies are following as mobile technology becomes more prominent. The company’s loan officers will be able to connect with clients that use the codes, guiding them to the mobile…

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