Samsung gives the nod to new mobile web browser with ad blocking

Samsung phones green Galaxy S6 edge mobile web browser

The consumer electronics giant’s devices running on Android will now be able to block advertising. The next default mobile web browser that will be added to the Samsung smartphones running on the Android operating system will now make it possible for users to be able to install extensions that function as ad blockers. This step is similar to one that was taken by Apple in September 2015, when Safari started allowing ad-blockers. The ad blocking extensions for the default Samsung mobile web browser will be quite similar in that they…

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Technology news from Samsung Electronics reveals the reality of smartphone sales

samsung mobile payments technology news

Although the tech giant recorded profits last year, it is clear that shipments are slowing as the market matures. Earlier this week, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd released a quarterly earnings guidance that took many off guard in that the technology news that it revealed was considerably weaker than had been expected. This report will have aligned it to experience the worst incomes it has seen in two years. That said, this technology news has also thrown a shadow over the confidence that the industry had been maintaining with regards to…

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Samsung Galaxy S4 is suffering problems with its battery

Technology news Samsung Galaxy S4

An importer of the electronics giant’s products in Israel, Scailex Corp, has announced that it has experienced these issues. A company called Scailex Corp, which is located in Israel and imports Samsung products, has recently revealed that it has been going through a problems that are related to the batteries of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. Scailex stated that the batteries in the smartphone were malfunctioning, following a local media report. The company made the announcement about the Samsung Galaxy S4 as a result of a request from the Israel…

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Mobile security “kill switch” considered by device giants

mobile security for smartphone

Smartphone manufacturers are now thinking about adding this anti theft feature. As mobile security threats and device theft become an increasing problem, and many of the leading manufacturers of smartphones and tablets have started to consider the use of the controversial “kill switch” features. These companies are thinking about installing the kill switches to provide consumers with greater control over their devices. Among the companies that are purportedly thinking about kill switches for tablets and smartphones include LG Electronics Co., and Samsung Electronics Co. They would be added specifically as…

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