Smartwatch brings a handset and wearables together

smartwatch new wearable technology

This new .klatz device will allow phone calls and texts to be made, more comfortably. While the smartwatch has been slow to be adopted by consumers, many believe that this will pick up as awareness grows through the release of the Apple Watch next year. That said, there is one primary limitation that nearly all of the big players continue to experience. So far, the smartwatch has essentially been seen as an awkward accessory device that works in connection with a smartphone. This means that, when used on their own,…

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Smartwatches from Samsung just keep on coming

Samsung smartwatch gadgets galaxy gear wearable technology mobile payments

The mobile device maker has now announced that more wearable technology is on its way. Samsung has now announced that it has new smartwatches lined up for the not too distant future, and that these new wearable technology devices will be based on the Android Wear operating system. Despite the fact that Galaxy Gear and Gear Fit are already moving up, more wearables are in the pipes. It Is becoming increasingly clear that smartwatches are Samsung is throwing itself behind wearable technology and that it is attempting to establish itself…

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