Samsung Galaxy S4 is suffering problems with its battery

Technology news Samsung Galaxy S4

An importer of the electronics giant’s products in Israel, Scailex Corp, has announced that it has experienced these issues. A company called Scailex Corp, which is located in Israel and imports Samsung products, has recently revealed that it has been going through a problems that are related to the batteries of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. Scailex stated that the batteries in the smartphone were malfunctioning, following a local media report. The company made the announcement about the Samsung Galaxy S4 as a result of a request from the Israel…

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RBC releases new mobile commerce platform

Royal bank of Canada (RBC) mobile commerce platform

RBC Wallet officially launched in Canada The Royal Bank of Canada has released its first mobile commerce platform, called the RBC Wallet. The platform is powered by the bank’s Secure Cloud, which is used to store customer financial information. The bank claims that its mobile wallet is the first of its kind in Canada, allowing consumers to choose either their debit RBC account or a Visa credit account to make payments. Currently, the RBC Wallet is only available for Android devices. RBC Wallet leverages NFC technology in order to facilitate…

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New partnership seeks to expand mobile commerce in Australia

Australian Mobile commerce Trends

Commonwealth Bank, Samsung, and MasterCard form new partnership Australia’s Commonwealth Bank has partnered with MasterCard and Samsung Electronics Australia in order to provide consumers with new mobile commerce services based on NFC technology. The partnership is meant to further encourage the adoption of mobile commerce throughout the country as well as increase the focus on Samsung’s line of NFC-enabled devices. NFC devices are needed if consumers want to make use of services that are based on this technology. Thus far, Samsung is one of the very few device makers that…

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Top 10 camera phones for the perfect shot

There are lots of smart phones with powerful cameras and this article describes some of the best smart phones which can help you click the perfect shot. When you wish to purchase a camera smart phone online, you can always use Jessops free vouchers to buy such gadgets at cheaper prices. You will get extended warranty and discount prices when you use the Jessops vouchers to purchase smart phones and other electronic gadgets. Nokia N8 Nokia N8 is one of the best smart phones with excellent 12 Megapixel camera with…

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Absa expands NFC technology trial

NFC Technology mobile payments

NFC technology trial sees expansion in South Africa Absa, one of the largest banking groups in South Africa, has announced the expansion of its NFC technology trial. The trial was initially launched in December of 2011 and involved 500 of the bank’s staff. The trial was meant to examine the benefits of NFC technology and its uses in mobile commerce, specifically where money management is concerned. These funds could be used to purchase products at participating stores throughout South Africa. Absa aims to deploy 4,000 NFC-enabled terminals by third quarter…

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