Samsung gives the nod to new mobile web browser with ad blocking

Samsung phones green Galaxy S6 edge mobile web browser

The consumer electronics giant’s devices running on Android will now be able to block advertising. The next default mobile web browser that will be added to the Samsung smartphones running on the Android operating system will now make it possible for users to be able to install extensions that function as ad blockers. This step is similar to one that was taken by Apple in September 2015, when Safari started allowing ad-blockers. The ad blocking extensions for the default Samsung mobile web browser will be quite similar in that they…

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Riding the next big m-commerce wave with NFC tags

Near Field Communications Technology

Developers and businesses alike are scurrying to get the coveted number one spot in the mobile payment platform. Right now, this is relatively a wide open field. But has everyone been overlooking a system that’s been in the works for over a year now? Many say that Near-Field Communications (NFC) is on the verge of tipping all other payment methods on their head. NFC has been in the works, but flying under the radar for quite awhile now. Some of last year’s phones by Nokia, Samsung and Android all ready…

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