Salvation Army QR codes make digital donations possible for contact-free support

Salvation Army QR codes - man - Salvation Army charity

The Mankato, Minnesota branch of the charity isn’t relying on cash for its red kettle drive this year. Red donation kettles are synonymous with the holiday season, but Mankato Salvation Army QR codes in Minnesota mean those in the spirit to give won’t need to have cash in their hands. Every red kettle in the city will be equipped with QR barcodes for Apple Pay and Google Pay donations. Since this year consumers are particularly careful about contact-free experiences, even fewer than normal are paying by cash. This means that…

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Salvation Army QR code incorporated into red kettle campaign

The Salvation Army - Red Kettle Campaign - WSLS 10 News YouTube

The famous red kettle campaign is welcoming digital donations in Texas. Residents of Amarillo, Texas who come across the Salvation Army’s red kettle, but who don’t have any cash to donate, can now make a digital donation by scanning the Salvation Army QR code on the kettle. Many people use cashless payment methods and no longer carry loose change. Today, it’s becoming less common for people to carry cash. Most rely on cashless forms of payments such as credit/debit cards or digital wallets to make purchases. This can make it…

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Salvation Army launches QR code campaign to raise awareness of current issues

Salvation Army Headquarters London

QR codes are most often associated with marketing campaigns coming from major corporations. While the codes have certainly found favor with big businesses, they can be used for much more than advertising. Non-profit organizations are beginning to see the value of the codes and how they can be used to raise awareness of important issues. The Salvation Army has adopted QR codes for this exact reason, and has launched a new charity campaign aimed at tech-savvy philanthropists. The Salvation Army’s campaign seeks to raise awareness of important social issues by…

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