Amazon to break into South Korean market

Social commerce Media Marketing

Amazon takes on South Korean social commerce Amazon is set to enter the South Korean market this year, which may have a major impact on the other e-commerce firms that are already there. Amazon is coming from a particularly successful 2013, especially when it comes to mobile commerce, and the company has been working to establish a more formidable presence in the social commerce space. South Korea’s social commerce market has been growing well over the past several years and Amazon expects to find success in the market throughout 2014.…

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Mcommerce to play a vital role in UK sales over next decade

Mobile commerce and the future

New report releases results of predictions regarding online shopping by 2022. A new retail report has been released by the Economist Intelligence Unit which showed the way that the retail sector will be changing throughout the next decade due to e- and mcommerce as well as social media sales (s-commerce). It showed that all online purchases will make up more than one third of the sales in the U.K by 2022. At the moment, the combination of s-, e- and mcommerce make up around 10 percent of sales in the…

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