BlackBerry 7 wins approval and adoption from the Department of Defense

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DOD shows favor for BlackBerry 7 based on augmented reality and NFC technology Research in Motion (RIM), the technology company responsible for the BlackBerry mobile devices, has announced that BlackBerry 7 smart phones have been approved for use in operations from the U.S. Department of Defense. These smart phones are equipped with voice recognition, NFC and augmented reality technologies. The DOD believes the mobile devices will be useful for a number of military and national security operations and may see use in the field as early as this year, pending…

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Big players are making their moves toward mobile payment NFC technology

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As more companies reveal their intentions for Black Friday discounts, sales, and other opportunities, the number of times that mobile payment services are mentioned continue to rise. Since the start of the week, four mobile market leaders have had their names connected with new NFC technology intentions in the hopes that mobile device users will attach themselves to the wave- or tap-and-pay systems for completing purchase transactions. Telefonica – a multinational mobile network operator – and RIM have announced that the newest service with NFC by Telefonica will be available…

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Qtel Group and RIM seek to expand NFC mobile commerce

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The Qtel Group, a telecommunications company based in the Middle East, met with Research in Motion (RIM), a Canadian telecomm group, to discuss opportunities regarding the expansion of NFC technology in the Middle East. Mobile commerce is seen as a particularly lucrative industry in some parts of the Middle East, such as Qatar, where the popularity of smart phones continues to soar. Mobile commerce is made possible through NFC technology, which can turn ordinary smart phones into payment devices. The two companies are looking to expand their global relationship to…

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Isis receives support from the top cell phone manufacturers

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Isis near field communication (NFC) and technology standards have received confirmation that they will be implemented by LG, HTC, RIM, Motorola Mobility, Sony Ericsson, Samsung Mobile, and DeviceFidelity (manufacturer of MicroSD devices). Isis is a joint venture among T-Mobile USA, AT&T Mobility, and Verizon Wireless, to offer consumers who use smartphones the opportunity to use their mobile devices to make payments using those handsets. Moreover, Isis has announced that individuals who purchase smartphones (or who already own them) which have not been NFC enabled will soon be able to add…

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New Blackberry comes with AR apps

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More Smartphone’s are including augmented reality (AR) apps that are preinstalled on their devices. Because Smart phone technology is becoming more advanced; AR applications are widely evolving. Consumers loyal to RIM should be happy to know their next BlackBerry device could feature an AR browser. RIM announced the new BlackBerry Bold (touch and type) device would come preinstalled with Wikitude Augmented Reality browser. This AR browser will be able to Geo-reference information about stores, buildings and other objects in your physical surroundings. The new Smartphone’s have RIM’s latest Operating System…

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