QR codes and RFID tech come together in Denso Wave and RFKeeper partnership

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The company known for coining the term “QR code” is now expanding into RFID solutions. Denso Wave is recognized for first coining the term QR code for quick response codes, and is now partnering with an RFID tech firm, RFKeeper. This partnership will help the companies to jointly expand their RFID solutions and boost awareness. Denso Wave Incorporated is a Japan based company. It has partnered up with Israel based RFID software development manufacturer, RFKeeper. According to a press release issued by the companies, the two companies have just firmed…

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Should You Be Concerned About Wireless Credit Card Theft

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You can shred your documents into infinitesimal scraps, guard your laptop with the latest security software, and fit your mail box with a lock and key, but you have overlooked a huge threat to your personal well-being. Resting benignly in your wallet lurks a massive fly in your identity-protecting ointment—your RFID-enabled credit card. What is RFID? Let’s face it. Society is obsessed with doing everything as quickly and easily as possible. Thanks to the latest technology, mobile payments have become even simpler. This is where RFID-enabled cards come in to…

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Identive Group pumping more than one million NFC tags into the mobile industry

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NFC technology continues to gain traction around the leading up to the release of several NFC-enabled smart phones from the major telecommunications companies in the world. The companies investing in the technology are hoping for a sort of revolution in both the realms of commerce and socializing and have been taking steps to ensure this. Before NFC can really expand, however, there must be an appropriate infrastructure. That is, there must be millions of NFC-enabled devices saturating the market. Such a task is not easily accomplished but Identive Group, Inc.…

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Three things that have to happen for NFC to take over in the U.S.

NFC Mobile Payment Technology

With all of the recent hoopla over Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and mobile payment systems; it wouldn’t be fair to make quick judgement, unless we take a look at a few things that are holding up the technology. Most people are gung-ho NFC, but there are still nay-Sayers out there who are saying we won’t see it for at least two or three years. Everyone is all ready shouting about how mobile payments will replace the wallet. It is very exciting technology and the potential it has for other…

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Track your clothing?!

RFID Clothing

As if we didn’t have enough to be paranoid about when it comes to our personal privacy; DAILY RFID Co., LTD, has developed a new “wash and wear” rfid tracking tag for clothing. The main purpose for the clothing tags isn’t really for spying. They will help retailers and manufacturers to track where the clothes go, how many times they get washed and dried, and they’ll help keep company inventory more accurate. The tags are waterproof, heat resistant, small and dust proof. They can be washed more than one thousand…

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