QR code scammers captured by police, ending retail fraud scheme

QR code scammers

Law enforcement was finally able to catch up with two men who were conning a number of retailers with quick response codes. Police finally managed to capture two sneaky QR code scammers who had managed to con a number of retailers using fake quick response codes. The two men were able to scam over 20 different retail stores before being tracked down by law enforcement. The QR code scammers took their fake quick response codes to the series of different retailers and managed to scam them out of hundreds of…

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Are retail QR codes reducing transparency?

retail 3d QR codes

A new Senate bill has brought a number of unnerving questions to light regarding quick response codes. A new Senate bill has been looking into manufacturer and retail QR codes and the way they’re used. The bill will help to determine how specific or vague information can be when a barcode is present. Many have expressed concerns that quick response codes could be used to shrink transparency, not boost it. The Senate bill has raised a number of questions that opponents have found to be rather frightening. It will help…

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QR codes used for new Standard Bank payments service

qr code validation business work

These quick response codes will be central to the mobile transactions in South Africa. The Standard Bank of South Africa has announced the public launch of its new mobile payments program that uses QR codes, called SnapScan, which has already been through its trial process. The system’s development process took nearly a year and it is now deemed ready for public use. SnapScan was created to be used by way of QR codes. It was developed in collaboration with FireID, an incubator based in Stellenbosch. The extensive trial period of…

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QR codes are engaging retail consumers

tombstones museum qr codes appearance

Companies are discovering that their customers are enjoying an enriched experience through barcode scans. The black and white squares that make up QR codes have been called everything from ugly to funky and from vital to useless, but if there is one thing for certain, data is consistently revealing that consumers are scanning on an increasing basis. Retailers are finding that when they apply the barcodes properly, it can enhance the experience they provide. This is because the retailers can take advantage of the fact that consumers are now recognizing…

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QR codes employed by German Maestro for consumer education

qr codes speaker german maestro

The speaker and audio technology company has enhanced its customer education program with barcodes. German Maestro took the opportunity at CES to unveil a new program that has been created to assist retailers with more appealing and practical consumer education through the use of QR codes. Last year, the company launched a different form of “Ask Me” program for retailers. That system assisted their sales professionals in being able to better educate current and prospective customers who are interested in their products or who have questions about their technologies or…

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QR codes prove effective for Barneys New York

Typical QR Codes

QR codes used in Japan to great success QR codes may not often win the attention of consumers on a regular basis, but that may be because they are rarely used in innovative ways. QR codes have become very popular marketing tools, but much of their popularity comes from the advertisers and companies that are using them. In a very general sense, consumers often avoid QR codes because they offer lackluster experiences that some people consider to not be worth their time. A Barneys New York store in Ginza, Tokyo,…

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QR codes implemented in unique way by Barneys New York

storefront display window QR codes

The clever smartphone barcodes can be found in the display windows of the Ginza location in Tokyo. The Barneys New York store location in Tokyo’s world renowned luxury shopping district called Ginza, has been running a holiday season store display that uses QR codes in a highly unique new way. The design was created by Simon Doonan, a display expert who has been with the company for 25 years. What Doonan managed to do over this season was to develop a display that would incorporate the QR codes through a…

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Retail industry sets sights on consumers with tablets

QR code marketing tablet commerce

QR codes and other marketing tools could be effective ways to engage those with tablets Tablet mobile devices may be new to consumers, the technology has successfully established a foothold with a large number of people. In the U.S. alone, it is expected that over 60 million consumers will own some type of tablet device by the end of the year. The retail industry has taken note of this trend because of the apparently popularity of mobile commerce and the effectiveness of mobile marketing. Retailers have found that engaging consumers…

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Australian shopping centers gets plastered in QR codes

QR Codes

Melbourne Central adopts QR codes to promote retailers QR codes are making their way to the Melbourne Central shopping center in Australia, where they will be used to sell a variety of products. Retailers located at the mall are expected to embrace the codes, which will be plastered at various locations throughout the shopping center. The codes will enable consumers to find information concerning particular brands and their products, as well as make purchases of these products from the smart phones or other mobile devices. Popularity of codes in marketing…

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