Mobile marketing with coupons boosts spontaneous shopping

mobile marketing coupons - with QR code

Impulse purchases are on the rise at retailers who use discount couponing strategies over smartphones. Retailers have known for decades upon decades that if they offer a customer a great deal while they are in the store, they will be able to convince many people to make purchases that may not have been on their shopping lists, and now this concept is transferring over to mobile marketing. Supermarkets, for example, post their sale signs to draw consumers to buy more, but that works only when the sign is seen. Making…

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Mobile marketing opportunities are being missed by retailers

Mobile Marketing

These companies may be missing the mark, particularly in the areas of emails for smartphone users. According to the results of a recent study, only 23 percent of retailers in the United States and the United Kingdom are optimizing their emails for mobile marketing formats, shrinking their opportunities. This is important because using smartphones and tablets to check emails is becoming very common. According to recent research from Google Inc. smartphone users are, on average, checking their emails six times every day on their handsets. Moreover 61 percent of them…

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Mobile marketing introduced in new Toys ‘R’ Us campaign

Toys R Us Mobile marketing

This massive toy store has recognized that its customers are smartphone carriers and this is an important opportunity. Toys ‘R’ Us has revealed that it is moving to the cutting edge when it comes to advertising, with a new mobile marketing campaign that will use techniques such as smartphone coupons that will include barcodes that can be scanned at the point of sale in order to allow shoppers to obtain discounts. The company is also running campaigns in a top American magazine to gain tremendous exposure. The toy store will…

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Mobile marketing still seeing considerable spending

Mobile Marketing statistics

By the end of this year, predictions are starting to show that growth in UK spending will be considerable. The mobile marketing environment has already become a vital part of the advertising and promotions efforts of businesses in most industries, and this will only continue to rise as the penetration of smartphones grows throughout the population. Business customers and individual consumers are relying on these devices to make their purchasing decisions. By the end of this year, it has been predicted that mobile marketing spending in the United Kingdom, alone,…

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Retail industry sets sights on consumers with tablets

QR code marketing tablet commerce

QR codes and other marketing tools could be effective ways to engage those with tablets Tablet mobile devices may be new to consumers, the technology has successfully established a foothold with a large number of people. In the U.S. alone, it is expected that over 60 million consumers will own some type of tablet device by the end of the year. The retail industry has taken note of this trend because of the apparently popularity of mobile commerce and the effectiveness of mobile marketing. Retailers have found that engaging consumers…

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Retailers should boost their mobile commerce efforts to maintain consumer interest

mobile commerce and NFC technology

Study shows merchants must focus on mobile shopping trends to survive. New research performed by Stibo Systems is indicating that if brands and retailers intend to continue into the future, they will need to keep up with the growing mobile commerce expectations held by their consumers. The mobile shopping trends report on the study showed that there has been an overall increase of 10 percent over the last year in the amount that consumers shop using their smartphones and tablets. This data was supported by another study performed by Gartner,…

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Moosejaw outdoor apparel and gear retailer offers mobile payment for purchases

Moosejaw Mobile Payments

Outdoor apparel and gear retailer, Moosejaw, has announced that customers can now make purchases from anywhere within its stores using mobile devices. This has been made possible through the use of Linea-pro, from Infinite Peripherals Inc. (IPC) in combination with the fourth generation devices of Apple iPod Touch in order to provide consumers with quick and convenient options for making purchases. According to the Moosejaw senior vice president of marketing and technology, Eoin Comerford, in a company press release, by using a one-dimensional or 2-dimensional barcode scanner and a magnetic…

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Australian retailers take a liking to QR-powered window shopping

Sportsgirl QR Code Virtual Storefront

Retailers in Australia have begun replacing the printed advertisements in store windows with large QR codes from the Active Display Group, a point-of-sale supplier. The group has been praised for its use of the codes in the country and is partly responsible for introducing the concept of “window shopping” to consumers. This concept is simple enough: Consumers with smart phones can purchase products simply by scanning a mobile barcode associated with a particular item. Retailers such as Sportsgirl, a company specializing in athletic gear for women, are making use of…

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Retalix Ltd. releases Mobile Shopper app set to bring consumers and retailers together

Mobile Shopping

Leading provider of innovative retailer services and software worldwide, Retalix, has just announced the release of its Retalix 10 Mobile Shopper, which is a new mobile app set that allows consumers to find and interact with their favorite stores and mobile retailer environments. This set of applications provides consumers with the ability to manage their wish lists and purchases while they’re in the store or at any other time, to find the nearest locations of a store, to obtain special offers, to find information and prices of available items, to…

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2012 will put the spotlight on Amazon, Nokia and Microsoft for mobile

Mobile Commerce Industry

According to the results of a survey performed by Chetan Sharma Consulting, a Washington-based firm, this year, it is predicted that the leaders in mobile will be taking significant steps forward as they attempt to take the lead from the top mobile operating system, Android. The predictions made from the data collected in the survey, called the “2012 Mobile Industry Predictions Survey”, were derived from the responses of about 150 industry insiders on the worldwide mailing list of the consulting firm. They also forecast that m-commerce and mobile payments will…

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Mall retailers use dressing rooms as marketing opportunity with QR codes – it may be the perfect fit!

QR Code Placement

Though it became quite common for mall retailers to place QR codes in their storefronts and windows throughout the holiday shopping season, some have also taken on a more unique strategy involving the use of the two dimensional barcodes located in the store fitting rooms. A Nellymoser report showed that this season, 7.2 percent of mall retailers incorporated the use of QR codes as an element of their overall strategy for mobile. This figure was compiled when the researchers went to over 700 different retail locations. They also discovered that…

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