Retail mobile commerce came close to flunking its report card

UK mobile commerce - Woman with mobile phone

A new NewStore report based on 112 different brands revealed a less than stellar average performance. NewStore has released its “State of Mobile Retail”, which is a kind of retail mobile commerce report card. The report revealed insight into the performance of 112 different retailers within the m-commerce ecosystem. The outcomes published within the report involved considering 500 data points regarding each of the retailers. The analysis of the various factors produced a retail mobile commerce score similar to a report card. The average outcome among all the retailers’ scores…

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Mobile commerce experience is frustrating the vast majority of American shoppers

Retail Mobile Commerce Experience Statistics

A Forrester study has shown that the experience of shopping over smartphones is irritating U.S. consumers. Forrester Research has now released its most recent online shopping forecast and has shown that the mobile commerce experience is causing frustration to 4 out of every 5 shoppers who have tried the channel. The prediction for online shopping as a whole is that by the end of 2020, U.S. digital retail would skyrocket to $500 billion. Comparatively, the online retail sales in the country are currently expected to reach $373 billion by the…

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Mobile commerce is causing nightmares for some retailers

geo social mobile commerce

Smartphone shopping is booming, but it has brought with it a range of different problems for merchants. While many retailers are on board with mobile commerce and have found that they are able to achieve considerable successes by marketing and selling over that channel, that experience is not universal as many merchants have found themselves facing an increase in struggles. Many shoppers are now finding that their experience over m-commerce is not what they want it to be. The co-founder and CEO of SOASTA, Tom Lounibos, has stated that his…

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Mobile commerce popularity crown handed to eBay

Ebay augmented reality Mobile Commerce

According to a recent Ofcom report, the massive online auction site is the most popular retailer for smartphone and tablet users. Ofcom has now released a report that has identified eBay as the leading mobile commerce retailer in the United Kingdom in terms of its popularity among consumers throughout the country. The same report also pointed out that 41 percent of consumers spend a minimum monthly £100 over smartphones and tablets. This represents an increase of 4 percent in the proportion of people who are spending over that amount in…

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Retailers begin seeing positive results from their mobile commerce efforts

online shopping cart mobile commerce

Retailers using services from Unbound Commerce are finding more success in the mobile field Unbound Commerce, a provider of mobile commerce solutions for retailers, notes that those using its services have seen a significant rise in mobile revenue during the second quarter of this year. The company helps build and deploy dedicated mobile websites for those interested in supporting mobile payments. These mobile sites are vital in order to effectively engage mobile consumers. Businesses with sites that are not optimized for mobile viewing could be missing out on a major…

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M-commerce at QVC rises by a massive 63 percent in the third quarter

M-Commerce growth

American web sales rose by 12 percent and now make up 41 percent of the total sales seen by the company. QVC has managed to establish itself as an m-commerce master, having ranked third in the 2014 Internet Retailer Mobile 500, with only Apple and Amazon ahead of its ranking. That said, the company is also continuing to grow its online consumer base over mobile. During this year’s third quarter, the American m-commerce figures from QVC saw sales rising by a whopping 63 percent. This now means that mobile represents…

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Mobile commerce expected to be huge holiday retail driver

mobile devices christmas m-commerce

The 2013 holiday shopping season will see smartphones and tablets as a major channel. A research team at a personalized consumer experience solutions provider called Baynote have just released the results of their first annual Holiday Predictions survey to reveal their forecast for drivers during that shopping season, such as mobile commerce. What they determined was that smartphones and tablets would play a very important role this year. The Baynote online and mobile commerce survey was performed in conjunction with an e-tailing group. Its findings indicated that retailers have cautious…

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M-commerce sales in April 2013 rose by 74 percent

mobile commerce trends

This was the achievement of 18 retailers from among the clients of Branding Brand. The latest report from Branding Brand, an m-commerce technology provider, is that among 18 of the company’s customers, they saw an increase in sales of 74 percent when compared to the year before. The results in April 2013 were considerably better than what was seen in April 2012. The company also reported that m-commerce made up 10.8 percent of the total online sales of these companies, bringing in $76 million in April 2012, but that this…

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Mobile commerce integrates with in-store experience

mobile commerce trends

Digital storefronts are becoming increasingly common as shoppers carry their smartphones with them. One of the oldest department store in the United States, Nordstrom, is far from staying in the past, as it has introduced digital storefronts in order to keep up with the mobile commerce expectations of smartphone carrying customers. The store has been witness to many changes in shopping behaviors and has survived by keeping up. According to Blake Nordstrom, the president of the company, the retailer has seen the experience that it provides as being similar to…

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M-commerce app released by popular Tilly’s brand

Mobile Commerce

The new application has been launched to build a branded connection with consumers. Specialty retailer, Tilly’s, has announced the launch of a new m-commerce smartphone app that is now available to consumers with either Android or iOS based devices. The purpose of the app is to bring the brand and its customers closer together. The app itself has been powered by the Alert Mobile Commerce Platform from MicroStrategy Incorporated. Some of the features that have been worked into this new app include content that is exclusive to Tilly’s. Furthermore, it…

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Mobile website from Orbitz is now open for smartphone business

Orbitz mobile website

The online travel firm has completely redesigned their mobile website. Though Orbitz has had an mobile website up and running for some time now, its first version experienced a large number of struggles and troubles along the way, which caused the online travel company to come up with a second generation site that has experienced far superior optimization. The former mobile website was often unavailable to smartphone and tablet users. It was not uncommon for the m-commerce site to present the following message “Our mobile magic hasn’t spread to this…

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