Customers are done with QR code menus, so restaurants are getting rid of them

QR code menus - Ordering at a Restaurant

Though helpful throughout the pandemic, diners are no longer interested in scanning barcodes. QR code menus may have been helpful and popular throughout the worst of the pandemic, but restaurant customers are no longer interested in scanning, and those businesses are taking notice. Many restaurants are switching back to physical menus, because their customers prefer them. A recent The New York Times report showed that restaurants are dumping the QR code menus they had been using throughout the worst of the pandemic, because their customers simply don’t want to use…

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Mobile payments are becoming a hit with restaurants and diners

Restaurants using QR codes mobile payments

Companies and brands are discovering a range of ways to appeal to their customers over their favorite devices. While mobile payments technology has taken longer to gain consumer acceptance than had been anticipated by many, and there have been some serious challenges that have arisen and that continue to need to be addressed, there are certain industries in which this tech has started to make some serious headway, and among them is the restaurant marketplace. Smartphone based transactions can provide customers greater convenience and speed in this environment. This has…

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Mcommerce platform technology from WebWaitr builds possibilities for restaurants

Webwaitr Website using mcommerce for restaurant business

This new solution could change the way that ordering occurs online. WebWaitr has announced its latest solution for local restaurants that uses mcommerce to allow them to compete in the rapidly evolving online ordering environment. This platform will provide consumers with a new way to order take-out from local restaurants. Ordering take-out using an online platform is already a highly popular choice among consumer, so by adding smartphone and tablet channels, a restaurant can open up a new world of convenience for their patrons. Until now, this type of ordering…

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