Barclaycard restaurant mobile payments let diners walk out without the wait

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Until now, to “dine and dash” meant running off without paying, but that’s about to change. Barclaycard has announced that its customers will be able to make restaurant mobile payments by simply leaving an establishment. The solution means diners can leave once they’re finished eating. It eliminates the need to wait for a bill at the end of a meal. The service has been nicknamed “Dine & Dash” because diners can leave without waiting for a bill. To use the Dine & Dash restaurant mobile payments service, customers need a…

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Did restaurant mobile payments become mainstream this year?

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According to First Data Corp, smartphone based transactions hit a tipping point with a 75 percent growth rate. Following an exceptionally slow rate of adoption over the last few years, restaurant mobile payments are finally starting to catch on, particularly in the quick service industry. This year saw an impressive growth rate and it is expected to continue in this strong and positive direction. Payment technology company, First Data Corp, reported a massive rise in smartphone transactions. Quick service restaurant mobile payments were especially high performers, according to the firm’s…

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Mobile payments encourage better tipping

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Wait staff in restaurants are discovering that there are unexpected benefits to smartphone wallet apps. Over the next few years, it is believed that mobile payments will be taking off and that people will be using their smartphones in place of plastic cards to pay for everything from purchases in stores to meals at restaurants. Along with this overall shift in payment methods will also come a range of additional unexpected trends. So far, one type of trend that has been identified as a part of the transition toward mobile…

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Mobile payments are becoming a hit with restaurants and diners

Restaurants using QR codes mobile payments

Companies and brands are discovering a range of ways to appeal to their customers over their favorite devices. While mobile payments technology has taken longer to gain consumer acceptance than had been anticipated by many, and there have been some serious challenges that have arisen and that continue to need to be addressed, there are certain industries in which this tech has started to make some serious headway, and among them is the restaurant marketplace. Smartphone based transactions can provide customers greater convenience and speed in this environment. This has…

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Mobile payments app to be introduced by Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons mobile payments app

The massive international Canadian coffee chain has announced that smartphone transactions are here. Tim Hortons has now announced that it has added mobile payments app features to its existing TimmyMe smartphone application, in order to allow customers to use their devices in order to pay for their purchases of food, beverages, and other items at many of their locations. The application was created to enhance the customer experience and boost service speed in restaurants. The TimmyMe mobile payments app option is now available at restaurants throughout the United States and…

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Mobile payments partnership formed between NCR and LevelUp

Mobile Payments

The agreement will bring the technology to a larger number of restaurants. Leading retail point of sale (POS) software supplier for American restaurants, NCR, has partnered with LevelUp to bring the mobile payments app into the POS systems in order to be able to complete dining transactions. The startup is hoping that this will help it to make greater inroads into this rapidly growing market. This is especially important because restaurants are proving to be one of the most important growth areas for mobile payments. LevelUp has now formed this…

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Mobile payments app from Dunkin’ Donuts now has a Spanish language version

Mobile payments App for Dunkin Donuts

The application is now available in a total of two languages, with the latest added to English. Dunkin’ Donuts has just announced that its increasingly popular mobile payments app is now going to become available to an entirely new group of people – those who would prefer to complete their transactions in Spanish. The latest release of the application allows users to view all of the features in Spanish instead of English. The Spanish language version of the mobile payments app makes the service much more accessible to Spanish speaking…

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Mobile payments app feature launched by Wendy’s

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The fast food chain’s application will now allow users in three American markets to pay with smartphones. Wendy’s has just announced that it is piloting a mobile payments program within three of its American markets, which will allow customers there to be able to pay for their purchases through the use of their smartphones. If this trial program proves to be successful, then it could mean the expansion of this option to other locations. The My Wendy’s application for users in Austin, Texas, Portland, Oregon, and Albuquerque, New Mexico will…

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Mobile payments offer advantage to small businesses

Mobile Payments

Restaurants specifically stand to benefit from offering patrons a way to pay using smartphones. Analysts are stating that in order to remain competitive now that it is 2013, it will soon be considered to be “crucial” for small businesses and restaurants to offer mobile payments options to their customers. This will help to provide those companies with the type of competitive edge that they require. Electric Commerce International CEO, Jim Anderson, agrees with this statement and included it in a release from his company on the subject. That company is…

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Digital Dining announces new Tabbedout mobile payment solution for merchants

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Merchants can now offer Tabbedout mobile payments from Digital Dining to consumers who want to pay with their smartphones. Top hospitality point of sale (POS) software developer, Digital Dining, has announced that it will be adding Tabbedout – a free mobile payment application – to their portfolio of products before the end of 2012’s second quarter. Tabbedout allows consumers to use their smartphones to open, view, and pay their bills. Its availability will mean that a broader segment of the hospitality industry in the United States will be able to…

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