Effective uses of QR codes for restaurants

Restaurants using QR codes mobile payments

Despite some of the negative press that QR codes have been receiving as a result of some unwise choices that have been made for their use, they are still maintaining their position as a significant part of the evolution and growth of mobile commerce. Though many Fortune 500 marketers have already adopted QR codes into their marketing mix, the restaurant industry – which stands to be one of the sectors that could best benefit from the use of the barcodes – has remained one of the areas that is late…

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QR-IQ announces custom video QR code app for restaurants

QR Code Marketing for Restaurants

QR-IQ has announced the development of a unique app designed for restaurants which allows them to use QR codes to redirect patrons to custom videos that will help showcase the specials for the day. The app functions by rotating among the videos that feature the unique dinner specials for the day. This can be used as a up-selling tool for beverages and appetizers, as well as desserts, and is especially useful at times when the guests are waiting to be seated or served. The QR-IQ app allows any restaurant to add the…

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Sushi restaurant in London launches interactive QR code campaign

QR Code Display

London’s first Temaki Sushi restaurant is scheduled to open in March of this year. For now, the store is still under construction, but the owners are taking the opportunity to reach out to consumers early. Construction is being concealed behind a vibrant display upon which QR code fish are waiting to be scanned by tech savvy pedestrians. The restaurant, called Yoobi, has launched a campaign to generate hype for the grand opening next month and has begun encouraging smart phone users to scan the code for deals. Scanning the code will…

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QR code directs hungry diners through Vernon Hills

Scanning QR Code

Mobile marketing has made its way to Vernon Hills, Illinois. The town recently unveiled a new initiative to promote local restaurants to visitors. The initiative makes use of QR codes to help market these businesses and provide a genuinely interactive experience for tourists. The campaign took nearly two months to complete and was introduced by the town’s geographic information system coordinator, Will Rockwell. The campaign features five signs, each bearing the logo of 55 local restaurants along with a QR code attributed to each one. When scanned, the codes resolve…

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Providing a unique dining experience is just a scan away!

Mobile technology is beginning to influence the way more businesses function. As technology becomes more advanced, companies have to account for changes trends and expectations. Failing to do so could mean the inability to compete in a field that is becoming more reliant on mobile devices. QR codes, in particular, are becoming a vital marketing tool. While the codes have been used by a number of industries for many years now, the restaurant business has only recently taken to using the codes. Radisson Edwardian, one of the most prestigious hotel…

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