More real estate agencies try code technology to help sell

  A leading real estate company in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida, has become the most recent addition to the growing number of realtors using QR codes to promote their properties. Davidson Realty Inc., has begun adding QR codes to their signage, flyers and business cards. The realtor has long been known for its innovative strides in the industry, utilizing social networking and burgeoning technologies to help buyers find the right homes. They are looking to keep their edge in the market through use of the codes. In the past,…

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Putting the pieces together with new mobile marketing technology for realtors

Mobile marketing is still taking shape and there is yet a lot more room for experimentation. From tourism to real estate, QR codes are leading the charge of the marketing industry into the future. Goomzee Corp, a mobile technology solutions provider, is taking claim as the first company to provide a bundle of two-way SMS marketing, QR marketing with lead capture, and branded Internet Data Exchange into a single mobile product suite. The suite, dubbed Realty Connect, is geared toward realtors looking to gain an edge on the competition through…

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North Carolina town announces QR code technology designed to reach out to residents

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Cary,  population 94,536 located just 11 miles out of Raleigh (North Carolina’s capital) , just recently jumped on board the technology express. Their televised town council meetings have a new addition, a QR code. Imprinted on their brochures and now on television, the town hopes to get more residents involved in community concerns by directing viewers to their web site listing the full meeting’s agenda via one’s smart phone.       Cary being one of the first municipalities in the country to use this technology follows in the foot- steps of…

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