Top mobile security threats include app collusion and ransomware

mobile security threats

Intel Security has released the results of its latest data analysis and has revealed the leading problems. Intel Security data has revealed the leading mobile security threats. Mobile app collusion, ransomware and the Pinkslipbot Trojan are among the top cybersecurity problems. These threats have been growing especially quickly over the last quarter. Ransomware has been spending a great deal of time within the media spotlight over the last short while. The recent McAfee Labs Threats Report: June 2016 showed that there was a 24 percent rise in ransomeware samples. That…

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QR codes used to make Rokku Ransomeware ransom payments “easier” to make

QR Codes and mobile Security

The security violation forces users to have to pay $100 in ransom in order to unlock their files. The Avira antivirus, privacy and identity security company has released a post about a new form of ransomware it has detected, named Rokku, which uses QR codes to allow users of infected devices to pay the $100 demand in order to have their files unlocked. The quick response codes can be scanned in order to send the scammers the funds for unlocking the device. A device infected with Rokku encrypts all files,…

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