QR codes from Mercedes assist emergency responders

Mercedes QR Codes Campaign

The first professionals to arrive on an accident scene can use these quick response codes for information. For the majority of people who recognize QR codes, they would say that they see them most frequently in product packaging and advertising, but Mercedes-Benz is working to change the image that comes to mind when they see these barcodes, as it is using them to provide emergency first responders with critical information that they can use when responding to the scene of an accident. This use of the quick response codes could…

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QR codes targeted by NSW for infringement notices

QR codes mobile billing

The barcodes may be used in the future as an element that is included on penalty notifications. The New South Wales State Debt Recovery Office (NSW SDRO), the debt recovery office in the Australian State, is considering the implementation of QR codes on infringement notices that it issues, as the office works to provide customers with improved options for the creation of their penalty notifications. At the moment, the SDRO is on the market for a contractor that will be prepared to assist its customers. The contractor being sought will…

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QR codes individualized for each person could assist emergency responders

QR code mhealth

Patient information could become immediately available through mobile barcode scans. The winning concept behind a Startup Weekend Health competition that was held for the second time in Philadelphia involved the application of personal QR codes that would allow first responders to be able to gain patient information right away, regardless of whether or not the patient is conscious or coherent. The emergency responders would be able to arrive and scan the code to know the patient’s medical history. The concept behind the QR codes is that they would be personalized…

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QR codes are great – and possibly dangerous at times

QR Codes and mobile Security

Though the barcodes are a growing favorite of consumers and marketers, unethical hands have entered the mix. The little black and white squares that make up QR codes have become exceptionally popular among smartphone users and mobile marketers alike, but as with every commonly used tool that connects with the internet, unscrupulous individuals have now started to make their mark by making some scans harmful. The trend of attacks on PCs is gaining strength with mobile devices as their penetration increases. Malicious QR codes remain rare, but they do exist…

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QR codes sewn directly into clothing by Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese QR code fashion clothing

The clothing designer has added smartphone friendly barcodes to her latest line. There is nothing rare about QR codes, these days, as they appear on a growing number of print ads, flyers, product packaging, posters, and storefront displays, but they are also starting to pop up in clever and unique places, such as was the case with the latest clothing line by Dita Von Teese. The clothing designer’s latest vintage inspired line now features these smartphone friendly barcodes. Dita Von Teese has just included herself among an important handful who…

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QR codes used by party hosts to share WiFi details

QR codes frame

Simply framing a smartphone barcode is enough to answer a common guest question. One of the most commonly asked questions by party guests these days has to do with the password to use a host’s wireless internet, and it can now be answered with the quick scan of QR codes framed on the walls. This provides convenience for both hosts and for the guests of parties and get-togethers. Neatly hanging framed QR codes in the main areas of the home, or displaying them in places where guests tend to tuck…

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QR codes created by XMU students to share Marathon tips

QR codes marathon

The barcodes have been designed to help spread useful information about the upcoming event. Keeping with the trend of the very first campus information system in China that is based on QR codes, students attending that country’s Xiamen University have come up with a special smartphone barcode for sharing helpful tips to assist participants in the upcoming Marathon. The barcodes were chosen because they are already widely recognized across the campus. These two dimensional smartphone friendly barcodes have been implemented throughout the university’s campus in order to provide students with…

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QR codes help to drive charitable donations through Paystik

QR codes charity nonprofit donation

Tiny startup from Stanford is powering thousands of mobile charity campaigns this month. A small startup called Paystick that is operated by only three people has skyrocketed the use of QR codes for charitable donations as it is currently powering approximately 6,000 barcode based campaigns this month. The company provides services that make it easier for charities and small businesses to use smartphone barcodes. The services it provides allow mobile payments to be accepted by the businesses and nonprofits through the scanning of QR codes. Though it doesn’t represent a…

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QR codes patent may have been discovered in Bolivia

QR codes patent

An unknown record may have been uncovered by cyber activists, which could cause drama with the barcodes. Cyber activists in Bolivia have been working together and have come up with a possible unlawful patent related to the use of QR codes within that nation. The mcommerce story first unfolded online when a Twitter user posted the allegations. The Twitter user made the initial announcement about the alleged use of QR codes that have been patented in Bolivia with a statement that has been translated into English as “Can anyone in…

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SquareScan aims to revitalize QR codes

QR codes smartphone

SquareScan launches new platform to push QR codes into a new era Despite some criticism and lackluster participation from consumers, QR codes continue to be a powerful mobile marketing tool that have promising potential in terms of engagement. SquareScan, a company specializing in QR codes, has launched a new website and services that aim to revolutionize the way businesses use QR codes and provide dynamic content to consumers. Though QR codes are waning with consumers, SquareScan may be able to provide companies with the tools they need in order to…

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Visualead may revolutionize QR codes

qr codes video

Visualead gains traction in boosting popularity of QR codes QR codes may be popular with advertisers, but they are much less so with consumers. Scan rates for QR codes are rarely disclosed by the companies that use them, but many consumers have taken to avoiding the codes because of the bad experiences they have had with them in the past. Some companies that make use of QR codes do so in a manner that is not effective or convenient for consumers, leaving these people with a poor sense of what…

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