QR codes and Bluetooth tech may play central role in London tourism strategy

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Conservative London mayoral hopeful, Tony Arbour, intends to use technology to draw visitors. London certainly isn’t hurting for tourist attractions, but Conservative London Assembly member Tony Arbour is hoping to make sure that Londoners and visitors, alike, will get to know some of the less well recognized locations throughout the city by using QR codes and other technologies. Although everyone knows about the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace, there is much more there. There is a great deal more to see than the places for which the city is…

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Students use QR codes to share history of town

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Teens from Sacred Heart School in Swaffham have placed quick response codes around their town. Students from the Swaffham Sacred Heart School have used QR codes to provide visitors to the Town Trail with access to video recordings that offer more information about the historical site that they are facing. There are a total of 44 different quick response codes that have been placed at locations throughout the town. These QR codes are scanned by smartphones and tablets in order to play recordings that offer information about the person or…

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Mobile app based on QR codes give Kenosha transit riders schedule access

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A new smartphone application combined with quick response codes can keep commuters informed. In Kenosha, Wisconsin, commuters now have new feature available to help to simplify their use of public transit, as QR codes can now allow them to use their smartphones to be able to access the latest schedules. The quick response codes work with a mobile app that was created by University of Wisconsin-Parkside students. That university’s App Factory students developed the mobile application which is available to transit users for free. It is compatible with both Apple…

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QR codes based mobile payments app sends South African users above 2 million

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A range of applications based on quick response codes have made this tech very popular in that country. South Africa has experienced the introduction of a large and growing number of mobile payments apps that use QR codes in order to be able to help to complete transactions at retail stores by way of smartphones, and this has caused the barcodes, themselves, to experience a tremendous growth in that country. By the end of 2014, it is now believed that there were 2.1 million people using quick response codes in…

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QR codes give Newport visitors a historical tour

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The university and cathedral city in South East Wales is using quick response codes to educate tourists. A new program has now introduced QR codes throughout the city of Newport, Wales, in order to help to provide visitors to the city with more information about the history of some of the most important points on its map. The quick response codes have been designed to provide smartphone carrying visitors with an informational tour. The tour using QR codes was created by HistoryPoints.org, which has implemented this type of project in…

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