Microsoft adds QR codes to help Windows 10 users with dreaded blue screen

blue screen of death qr codes example not true image

The quick response codes are displayed along with a sad face when the operating system fails. Among the many different overhauls and makeovers Microsoft has been giving its products, it has now added QR codes to its blue screen – the dreaded display screen that occurs when the operating system has had an all-out crash. The facelift to the so-called “Blue Screen of Death” includes a sad face in addition to a quick response code. Some who have already installed the Build 14316 Windows 10 preview have already seen the…

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Ingestible 3D QR codes created by Chinese researchers for drug dosing info

pills drugs medication qr codes

Scientists in China have come up with quick response codes that can be applied to tablets and capsules. Chinese researchers have now come up with a way to print QR codes that are completely ingestible, onto various forms of pharmaceuticals such as tablets and capsules, which could then be used for a variety of purposes. These quick response codes have been designed to be completely safe to be ingested by patients using the medications. The QR codes can be added to the pills by laser engraving them onto polymer excipient…

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QR codes used to make Rokku Ransomeware ransom payments “easier” to make

QR Codes and mobile Security

The security violation forces users to have to pay $100 in ransom in order to unlock their files. The Avira antivirus, privacy and identity security company has released a post about a new form of ransomware it has detected, named Rokku, which uses QR codes to allow users of infected devices to pay the $100 demand in order to have their files unlocked. The quick response codes can be scanned in order to send the scammers the funds for unlocking the device. A device infected with Rokku encrypts all files,…

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QR codes help promote fitness among high school students

Mobike qr codes bicycle

A new program featuring quick response codes is designed to encourage the youth at Mount Stromlo High School. Students at Mount Stromlo High School in Australia are now taking part in a program that uses QR codes to help to encourage them to take on a larger amount of physical activity in their daily lives. This is a novel way to use quick response codes, which are traditionally seen in print advertising. At the school, around 70 students have been walking or riding their bikes to school in order to…

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QR codes help Arkansas elementary students share history

QR codes school library smartphone barcodes

A group of classmates are now using quick response codes to bring local history to the world. In Texarkana, Arkansas, a class of students in College Hill Elementary School are working to share the area’s rich history with the rest of the world by way of QR codes that can be scanned by smartphones. The idea is to place the spotlight on the local historic sites that are central to the past of Texarkana. In order to accomplish this, the class has been working on attaching QR codes to the…

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QR codes added to Tyson Foods meat products

meat qr codes food

Consumers can use their smartphones to scan the quick response codes to trace the product’s history. As Tyson Foods seeks to make its way into the Chinese market, it is simultaneously using QR codes in order to help to address food safety issues, which are a major problem within the country. The quick response codes are being added to the chicken products it’s selling, so consumers can scan them. In this way, shoppers will be able to use their smartphones in order to scan the QR codes on the chicken…

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QR codes help kids learn art

QR codes book school mobile shopping

Students at an Illinois school use technology and quick response codes to help build access and sharing. Primary and intermediate students at Edwardsville District 7 in Illinois and who are fortunate enough to have Stacy Requarth as an art teacher are also using QR codes and other forms of technology as a new way to learn and share. The quick response codes represent only the latest in Requarth’s efforts to keep her students engaged. The most recent project involved the use of the QR codes for allowing students to share…

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QR codes to be printed on LA County inspection cards

edible qr codes restaurant

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is using quick response codes for easier info access. The Los Angeles County Department of Public health has now implemented a new strategy including QR codes in order to make it easier for restaurant customers to be able to check the inspection history of a location before they head inside and order a meal. The quick response codes have been added to the latest form of the grading cards to offer expanded information. The grade card will now provide a restaurant with…

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QR codes offer virtual tour at Mid America Museum of Aviation & Transportation

qr codes scan

This use of quick response codes was accomplished through a partnership with Leadership Siouxland. A new virtual tour based on QR codes has now been developed by Leadership Siouxland in order to provide visitors to the Mid America Museum of Aviation and Transportation with a greatly enhanced experience that they can hold in the palm of their hands. The new digital tour was created to provide visitors with more insight into the various museum exhibits. The QR codes can be scanned by visitors to the museum at various points throughout…

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Peel-off QR codes on shopping bags offer coupons to L.A. supermarket customers

qr codes shopping

Superior Grocers is now offering a unique new way for shoppers to be able to save money. A supermarket in Los Angeles called Superior Grocers has now launched a new promotion based on QR codes, which provides shoppers with peel-off barcodes that, when scanned, provide them with digital offers. These quick response codes are continually updated to make sure customers will always have fresh deals. Therefore, while the QR codes, themselves, may stay the same, when they are scanned by customers, the deals and commercials they see will provide them…

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QR codes are being used for fraudulent purchases

QR codes cyber crime

This use of quick response codes remains rare, but it is clear that it presents a new security threat. Cyber thieves have now opened up a new channel that allows them to make purchases in the name of innocent consumer victims, and they are doing this through the use of QR codes. These barcodes are becoming increasingly commonplace in marketing as well as mobile payments. The first case of this use of QR codes to make fraudulent purchases was in Pima County, Arizona. It remains limited to this single case,…

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