Hallmark to launch holiday collection of cards featuring QR codes

Hallmark Greeting Cards Headquarters

Hallmark, the ever popular greeting card company, is preparing for the holiday season by launching a new line of Halloween cards for kids. The cards will feature lovable characters from some popular movies and TV shows, such as Scooby Doo and Disney’s Cars. The cards will also include a feature that may not be recognizable to most children: A QR code. Hallmark has taken note of the usefulness of the 2d barcodes and has adopted them in order to connect with consumers. The codes will be stamped on the back…

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New app to help renters with QR Code scanning

It can be difficult to find apartments in a big city. It can be even more difficult to find an affordable one. As mobile technology progresses and becomes increasingly embedded into people’s lives, new methods for apartment hunting are cropping up. Habitat Hunters, a real estate service provider for Austin, Texas, has long aided apartment seekers in their efforts. Now, they are adopting QR codes to better serve a new generation of clients that can’t seem to put their phones down. Habitat Hunters was the first real estate and apartment…

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Who will win over consumers and marketers alike?

Mobile Marketing Trends

As the field of mobile marketing becomes ever more diverse, new applications are emerging that seek to dethrone the powerful QR codes. Barcode data matrixes have proven themselves to be revolutionary tools for advertisers seeking to engage an audience becoming increasing enthralled with mobile devices. As the devices become more technologically advances, barcodes must adapt in order to keep up with progression. Despite the emergence of newer barcodes, QR codes have shown their perseverance and won’t be going anywhere without a fight. Recently, Google put a halt to their use…

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Lowes new look sporting Microsoft Tags all over the place!

Improving home improvement may sound redundant, but to the home improvement retailer Lowes, it was something that needed to be done. In 2010, Lowes started a new business campaign that would help redefine them and reintroduce them to the consumer market. When the economy took its downturn several retail businesses felt the crunch. Consumers had very little to spend, and when they did spend, they did their homework; looking for goods with the best value for the price. During this time, Lowes decided to reunite with people, on a more…

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New software to help business owners with QR Code campaigns

QR Codes can now be mass produced, thanks to a Japanese company named IT DeSign. The company, based in Tokyo, specializes in QR Code business. They have developed a software design kit for computer developers to add to their regular applications. This will allow their regular software programs to mass produce a high quality, custom designed QR Code. With this new software incorporated into their system, developers can streamline the process of making custom QR Codes for customers; saving both parties’ time and money.  The system also includes a functional…

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